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Call from a gentleman who wass up in arms about a video that he had seen on social media or about absentee ballots being marked on the envelope with an R or a D. Yeah, And I'm here to to explain that. It's been be bunk in the mainstream media long ago, and I'm surprised Well, actually, I'm not surprised that it's still kicking around. But here's the explanation. And then I think there are three really important takeaways from what is otherwise. A very trivial story. So the explanation is that? Yes, indeed, the ballots that were in that Facebook video posted by some lady from Florida. Name Tina Brown is that it was a primary election in Florida. Florida has closed primaries, roll voters register by party and then they get a partisan ballot. Sure if we just went to the polls, you you had to fill out whether you were voting on the Democratsside a Republican side to make your choices in the primary here in Michigan to that's that's very common, isn't it? No. In Michigan, you get one ballot and you fill out the Republican side or the democratic side. Your primary you are you all right? But But you could only vote on one side. You can't mix up your votes is what I'm saying. Yes, But Florida has closed primaries where you register with one party or another, and you only get that ballot. So that is the very simple explanation. Why, in a primary election in Palm Beach, Florida, U would have Ah return sleeve That's marked our or deed. So that explains the whole video. There's not one explained to him about it. And there's nothing. It has no impact on anyone in Michigan. There are five states that have closed primaries and it only happens in primaries. Those things Won't be on Florida ballots in the general election. The whole store is Caribbean and much to do about that. Now, here is what is important about the story. First of all, it's been debunked in the mainstream media and people people like mainstream media, but the main Did a good job of blowing the story up. The only reason that survived was because the race through All right, well, we lost you there, but I get the point and I agree with you. All of us have to be very, very careful with what we report that includes talk shows that includes news people. You know, everybody takes prided. And I mean this, even if if you have the most partisan person in the media, they take pride in trying to get accurate information out to the public. Each and everyone So I hear what you're saying. I understand your concerns, and that makes all the sense in the world to be of why that would be marked R and Andy on the on the ballots, And I'm glad you called and explained all of that for us. Thank you so very, very much. Let's continue on the phones here will go to Detroit. Next, Paul, you're on the Frank Pickman show. Good morning..

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