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To agent in the rematch. Adri needs a win. He needs to get his shit together and look better the fight. You've got to fight though. If you get the win he'd get the rematch aunt laws. I mean age laws as agent in the second fight. I mean it wasn't the second time in the ring. With in a border war series he looked too bulky now man. He is technique. I looked at that. Both is the technique he got. Listen he's the coach right and he's fighting so he don't gotta coach. There's no game plan as i. I just watched them fights. That's what i'm saying like. Watch them fights man and shot out takim a wing going down. We already gave him his credit. Everybody see how very very very tight that second round was that was you know. Coin flip brown. That's the last. I must say that being said fucking aunt pitched a shutout patrols out out bra. I literally wish i would fight for the next ten years in bought awards if i could slow the pace down that much. My man literally had that sit at a level where i was bored in a three round. Two minute fight. You can do not with the long hair. And long dab was over man. It was long night in his prevail three minutes. And i'm like dan those some punches. Like man yeah he neutralized prolong as jeff bop everytime agents and everytime agent committed to join a combination. You'd get papa that left hand you think about it again man because he got. He need a coach. He needed coach. My man's just coming in like yo. Y'all honestly like a girl. He's like like a girl that don't fight. 'cause no disrespect as women. Nick and i've obviously got technique but he's welling. There's no technique in adrian's punches zero technique. -ment if i'm dan i'm like how to fuck. I lost his dude for real adrian. You need redemption right now you event coordinator but you better come to fuck back and and and fucking turns sideways. The fuck up first of all hyun on semi man is like this sideways and try to use a jet. Try to start offense with maybe instead of just like lunge in like dude just crazy i mean you gotta watch gotta watch boxing. You can't if it is jabeen and get some fucking head movement you hang on. Come in mike tyson style. You know. I mean yeah i mean maybe if you did use the my taste booby anyway. Let me get back to some calls though. So you know you gotta taste a little bit of that. I mean he. Probably so he say he got pop and adrian felted and decided not to fight back lot on like the apart from the jab which was obviously another thing to to to figure out when he did get on the inside when left. Hand hit him. You know what i'm saying. You have to make a decision like okay. I'm barely getting around the jabeen. When i do get in his left hand hitting me. You know what i'm saying like this before. We know the dog peru. He is a dog and has shown throughout the years. He has legitimate power. He's not down his first opponent and that was a highlight reel knockout. Actually come to think about it. Has some claims to be in one of the biggest punches in inboard was he said eric garcia flying. He sat eric cruise to the canvas. Only one to go down was marvin adrian. Dingle down either right. But but but like you said maybe. Adrian felt the pop and ask why he fought a different way. But let me get to somebody. Super chaz looks like we got boxing experts to says for the brits. There's a lot of things to do in texas. Don't leave broke broken. 'cause canelo book that gypsy texas is a beautiful state laughing. My ass off. King nello for anybody. Picking a billy joe. He's taking a shot at then. We got jose to prediction kenney. Says talk about can nello selling over seventy thousand tickets I dunno. I heard they were opening it up seventy. I didn't know they sold seventy already. I think we did a show saying it was going to be Close to seventy already but that was a few weeks ago. Confirm it's definitely a show because that that's getting That's setting a record in america without a doubt but that's getting close to those uk number. And that's what i've always wanted to see. you know. that's what. I love floyd. But i always had that that that is against floyd like man. Fuck you can go to a cowboys stadium. Like packed out and put one hundred thousand of us in like. Wow only rich people go to fight but anyway. That's just me big nick. What you gates but dog at some point you gotta be big into man. I and you can still listen why. Uk charge the the twenty thousand people closest to the ring. The same thing you charge the twenty thousand people in mgm and then every other eighty thousand of us let us come in for fucking three hundred dollars off and at least three hundred dollar tickets. Can we can we. Can we see to fight with some binoculars. Could we be in the fucking environment. And can i say i was. They aren't we part of the reason. That big aren't we are the reason that you selling fucking five thousand six dollar tickets. Damn can we get in the room of get in the room. Shit big nick. Y'all wisconsin on if he believes that me Listen yeah you know what to be honest. I'm not even really going to get into a i. Aj fury with that will leave that for another show but guess bo. I don't even understand why. How even discussing this whole headline because it ended the day. If don't make you number one. I understand what does is absolute joke I think fury just deflecting in on the second hand as well listen. You're only as good as your last fight in. And if you re things while to say jay so be it. But he's up only as good as your last fight. Aj tuck tim who lives while they were sleeping against fury served. Yeah that's.

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