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TV Storm Trek Aid Stephanie made for 93 W. Ivy's spotless radar downtown. A few clouds in the sky those 71 degrees on Monument Circle. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the go and on Twitter at 93 Double D, Y b, c and w BBC dot com. Live from the Heartland and the crossroads of America. It's Tony Cats today. Mark. It's maybe a little down. People seem to be very happy with jobless claims. Jobless claims first time claims for unemployment 860,000 down from 9,893,000 better than the Dow Jones estimate of 875,000 Continuing claims fell by more than 900,000. A good sign think the problem that people were having is that we haven't settled on a labor force participation rate. Which should give us an idea overall, where we think unemployment typing so in a Siri's of conversations Um, that I've been having. I cannot get from business owners. A cohesive feel of where they.

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