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You were not expecting. I mean listen on any given Sunday anything can happen. I get that. But the Falcons defense with an inspired effort. They sacked your breeze. Six Times. New Orleans didn't score single touchdown and maybe there's something about division match ups here. Mike Atlantic gets up for a game against Orleans. A snap the Saints Six Game Winning Streak Matt Ryan Twenty Thirty Five I for one eight one two and a couple of touchdowns for the saints finished with just three hundred ten yards. It's well below. The average of three seventy five is really just divisional matches because Atlanta certainly looked. Inspired up there Dan. Quinn was fired up on decent. Today I was talking about. Hey I would take the falcons in the thirteen and a half. Because I thought the Falcons would back door cover right. I never thought the Falcons would be able to hold the saints for Three for twelve third out and over three on fourth down. I mean think about that. That's remarkable right. I mean this Falcon Defense can't get any pressure. On the quarterback they had sixteen passes broken up the entire year. They can't even get their hands on the football. And yet they turn this thing around and they just stoned it and I think the hard party people think when you have a by people think that you know it gives you chance your team regroups. I think you lose your focus a little bit as a team and I think that the saints went away on their Bhai because you have to give the players four days off. They kind of read their press clippings they thought everything was okay. They're coming to play a SHITTY team like Atlanta. You know and it's not going to be that hard and we'll just we'll turn Alon whenever we need to and they got themselves caught and like you said in a divisional game these things really matter. I mean I don't think people from the northeast understand the rivalry between LEAN ATLANTA NEW ORLEANS. It goes back to when they were in the old. NFC West remember when when when the NFC west was Atlanta New Orleans San Francisco and the rams how that was the West. I I have no idea but those are the four teams right. This is years ago right this when I first started league Atlanta was in the West. This is Chris Chandler days. What era it was way back? Get Chandler Steve Barkovsky. They played the West. I mean they played San Francisco twice a year. This is a real rivalry but that game is like a college game. There's a lot of because because the cities are so close to one another and it's such a southern thing it's a rivalry game and I think obviously Atlanta played up and I mean Dan Quinn. Take your hat off to him. I mean his defense. Finally Allie showed up and played a decent game. The Sean Payton said last week if you go back to the history of its matchup regardless of records it's always been a one possession game or a score game overtime or field goal game and I'm expecting the same thing this weekend. So he was not surprised as by this result and I wouldn't be concerned about the saints. Either Mike. I'm with you. I just think he'd come off a bye. Hi It's division game you lose. It doesn't give me pause and sincerely about New Orleans. They just got beat. They got beat badly New England. I think this is the best thing that happens to him. Because Sean will be on a tangent. He'll go completely lately beserk. I mean there's so much I feel bad for who they play next week. I mean I don't know who they have. I don't have the top of my head but next week. They gotta play somebody and it's GonNa it's GonNa be a challenging game for them because they're gonNA come in and I think they're obviously you know they're going to be ready to play that game and they've got to play at a higher level. They play the Tampa Bay bucks down to Tampa. And that's another one of those that that always give the saints a lot of trouble going into Tampa Bay. Now I think this week Sean. Scott their teams full attention and he'll be able to get them. But you gotta take your head off to Atlanta Atlanta. They fought the whole game. They fought in there and they did a great job. Sean Payton is going to be like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen. Ross the good news is you're fired right. You got your attention now. Yeah if four remember therapies surprises your prize is. You're fired second price. Steak knives holds up the steak steak. Ah I drove here in BMW. You drove here in Honda. I one of the great scenes of anybody. WHO's listening to this podcast? You should go to youtube and just YouTube glengarry Ross Alec Baldwin I mean there's some incredible Allen Arkansas Senate Jack Lanza put that coffee down coffee's for closers it's the best. ABC always been closing always be closing. And unfortunately the saints weren't closing. They were always not closing during at speaking at closing. Here's one I'm shocked by just how good they're playing as a team. I say by the result because I think you and I both the rams are kind of up and down but the fact that the steelers others are on our run. They've won four games in a row. They forced four turnovers. What's kind of an America Fitzpatrick back? He's had a huge play. This time a forty three or fumble return for a touchdown they win ugly seventeen twelve as they beat the rams now by the way good luck to L. A.. Trying to chase down Seattle San Fran. NFC West Gotha. Just twenty to forty forty two forty three yards zero zero completions at Cooper Cup as the rams went one of fourteen third dance. You mentioned New Orleans. third-down have a one of fourteen a third down for the rams as steelers. Come up big. How would you like to be flying home tonight on that airplane for the Rams and no one you just gave Jared Goff one hundred eighty millions? And you can't block anybody with your Offensive Front your best player Andrew Whitworth. I just got his ass kicked in the game. I mean I I mean look. I thought the steelers should've lottery protected. Amaker Fitzpatrick Patrick. I thought it was not going to be worked out. The guy's a ball Hawk for some reason I mean it's just whether it's it's serendipitous or whatever it is but the ball just seems to come around the kid I mean in some of the place he made and look. I don't give a crap with anybody tells me if you think golf is GonNa win you a super bowl. You better think really long time because at shit ain't ain't going to happen and that offensive line is bad bad bad and all the magic around Sean. mcvay is coming out because he can't hot. Everybody knows what's going on. They all know and without Brandin cooks cooks in the game. There's no threat to go down the field. There's no threat that you're worried about. Who's going to make a big time play on you and that's the real issue? I think they can't block upfront. And they're stuck in the salary cap. They got so many top heavy players Blake bortles made an appearance by the way did I. Did you know that. Yeah exactly shocking. So good but this a bigger your issue here you go into Pittsburgh four point favorite. Everybody you know. We talked about this week. The line was almost trapped into thinking. You should go there today when when I did almost eighty five percent of the money on the rams so the reason why they bill those towers like the Borgata Hotel and the sands it is because of this it is unbelievable. It's I mean it's unbelievable right and I would drive me crazy. I watched Pittsburgh and I'm like how are they winning winning. I think. Mason Rudolph is atrocious. I don't even think he's good. I think we make excuses for him. Like I don't even think he's very good and yet he ends up twenty to thirty thirty eight for two forty two. You know I mean James. Washington is six ninety. I mean James Washington and he fumbled one play. I mean they were getting ready to go in and score again. Is it coaching Eh. Mike Tomlin is Mike Tomlin takes a lot of shit you know. I think he's one of the great press conference guys of all time. I think he's one of the great motivators I mean. He's pay per view at at a press conference. I mean he's got some of the best lines of all time he's going to be one of the greatest podcasters ever right. I mean he's unbelievable but you gotta give the Guy Credit. I mean what he's doing. He's winning with his defense. He felt like Fitzpatrick was missing. Link he had a half he got that in the back end. They're playing zone the rush upfront. They don't even have Stefan Trud and their defensive front what they're attacking people with their front. I mean to beat the rams like this. It's unbelievable it's really unbelievable. I mean if you're the rams you're going home tonight say wait a minute. We got a hundred and eighty whatever we paid this guy and we lost and by the way that trade for Jalen Ramsey looks even worse right. Because you put all your chips the table you said you were a super bowl. Contender is white. You're not wearing the division this year. You've looked to cookies. Your you went all in. You think you've got a great hand and you're looking at the cookies and I know you don't have a hand brutal and now speaking of Delusional we present the core of the week courtesy of Ryan Pace who still starting his car. one leg out the car door Chicago bears. GMO Mitch Trubisky via WB B. B. M. newsradio other young quarterbacks around the League are going through at the same thing honesty. We're proud of the way Mitch is handling it. You see it within games right now you sought in Philly. It was really a tale of two halves. The Bears Detroit Twenty to thirteen and ryan pace feels vindicated to quote frank. Pantano Frankie five eight lies lies lies lies lies lies lies. They're all is sure. I mean seriously I mean this is delusional. If you're a bears fan don't you feel like completely depressed when you read when you read this. Yes I think so. First of all today I mean if they're playing anybody else other than Jeff Driscoll and look let me tell you something. They got their asses luckier and shit to win this game. I mean gene drifts throwing the ball in the end zone to send the game in overtime. I mean they got a chance to win this game. I mean trubisky throws twenty three times for a buck seventy three sack five times and and I look I called. I said he was going to have a good game against them. Got Three touchdown passes no interceptions. Basically Eighty one yards rushing one hundred and seventy three passing and they barely could. They were horrendous on third down. They can't throw the ball down the field right. They were to for twelve on third down and they won the game and paces actually thinking he's doing good. This is Matthew Stafford plays his game. I mean the way the bears the bears defense couldn't put any pressure on the passer. I mean it was really bad. I watched this whole game. They had a hard time. Really putting pressure on Driscoll Driscoll moved around a little bit. He got sacked twice in the game but for the most part I mean you know they really didn't and on the two minute drive. They had a chance going down the field. He couldn't do it. It was unbelievable like at some point when this pace honest like your what do you watch. What young player? There is doing what trubisky's doing like nobody has a lower rating than he has like. Tell me what young quarterbacks do are the ones who aren't playing. Yeah it's literally the you know when you. I know you've made a mistake. But you have that one opportunity you feel like you can boast a little bit. That's pace is doing eight played golf today. Even though as you point out Detroit secondary so porous. They did not have their starting quarterback there this this was a victory that was gift wrapped you. It's almost should be like half a win. Rather than a full win for trubisky. Yeah no I'm exactly. It was one of those. If you don't take this one you're never going to get one and I think this there's this thing and I'm going to write about it on the daily coach this week. I think people don't really understand that at all. It's called the domino effect. And what it means this is the domino effect is simply since I own it. It's worth way more to me than it is to anybody else okay. So it's next step depth of confirmation bias so since I've owned it right like if I have a car and it's my car I'm not trading it in because I own it it's like it's an endowment effect. I have and this is what he's doing. It's the next step after confirmation bias. Okay I own it so therefore it's gotTa be good and he won't admit it and Ted Phillips if you're the president of the team you gotTa we do something and step in this guy's delusional you might want to call a couple of people in Vienna and say hey. I think we ought to come over here. Talk to this kid. He's not watching the same thing. We're watching. He's completely delusional. I mean he's New York giant delusional. This is where you get to New York giant Delusional speaking of Battle New York today. How jets stooges horrible? All teams existed. Tough I think you know. The giants have sunk to levels that. I truly think the giants have gotten to the same point that that Jed York got to in San Francisco when it got that bad out there for him and he said you know what I can't do this anymore. I can't try to mask it. I'M GONNA have to change completely and get back to get let somebody come in here. Somebody new somebody come in here and help me run this because this shit ain't GonNa work. Here's what happens for anybody. Listen to this. Here's what happens when you lie to yourself when you lie that you think Eli is good for two years and you convince yourself you can build your team around. You're lying to yourself. So there are two two years behind in their whole rebuilding program. It started with Eli and now you know they draft Barkley the second pick us..

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