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Caribbean the biggest last year when he had the unanimous mvp you know it was like this great thing this sort of on president thing and the whole story line throughout the playoffs was you know just bashing curry bashing that teen do think it's unfair that players like steph curry and it's really the point guards they're able to run free and then get scrutinized earned lashes there was like we'll compare them to this team compare them to that you cannot do their jobs your error is your your error is a different arab you had to certain rules back the and then as the new change arrows than is is different things that go on we never thought you have guys like lebron's six eight passing and everybody on court stronger than everybody on the court handled the ball we never had big guys bringing the ball up the court that b six eight guys on bomb bringing the ball down to cordon crossing people will win doing stuff like that games evolving is getting better you know what i mean is not is is you you've never seen nobody when we sat around and we same reggie miller was great alltime shooter and a rare agree all time shooting you got mob moon and you get chris mullin in labour got all these ratios and they're just like that staff come out of nowhere now we looking to him he's the greatest judoka of all time you look at look at um michael jordan he come doug g komen around the michael jordan come around and heggem cobi lebrun this is not always keep getting better and better right in our made the game is getting better and we should be happy that it is made a game is changing for the better and um you know you don't supposed to be like it was back in 80s mac because this 2017 was ball art big three there are lower trash talk.

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