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Good evening and welcome to the really big barbecue central show. This is a show that talks about all things important the world barbecue and grilling broadcasting from the rock and roll hall of fame city of cleveland ohio. The barbecue capital of the north coast. I your program hosts grumpy. Happy to have you aboard here on your tuesday evenings alive fire fund and show. This is the week that you have. That the touchstones into a or have a well craft email to blast off to me. Here's how you do that in touch with the show by sending an email to greg at bbq central show dot com or tweet or an instagram said. Bbq's central show anything else. You want to find out about. The show can be found at the main website. The bbq central show dot com. And here's what's happening kissing get the newsletter coming up in about twelve minutes from now. The second tuesday in the first hour of the month of tuesday. I got lost in myself there. Of course the creator of mazing ribs dot com meet had will be joining us. We will be covering the hot topics as what i like to term. As the business of barbecue traeger is made a lot of news in the last number of weeks. Weber has attempted to make some news in the last number of weeks. So there's business to be talked about there then we will take it out of the bull bear ring and we will go straight into the garden where everybody loves to live. And we'll talk about dishes that you may or may not be considering especially if you are one who fashions themselves a green thumb and keeps the garden during the winter or during the summer months and things are coming in rapidly as they do with gardens so meathead will be here to help us and guide us through the garden and to what we might wanna make with the fruits of our labor and then we will move to the second hour. We'll be joined by a first timer to the show. I think this makes what is it now. Three months in a row where we've had at least one new guest here on the show. Twenty twenty one is spawning new guest movement. The likes the show was rarely ever seen. But we have a new coming in and look this is a barbecue and grilling show. I've said it before. I say again but it's not always about barbecue and grilling so if you can't get down with what i'm going to do in the second hour that certainly your choice. You can tune out you could not listen to it on podcast. Whatever but go ahead and blame it on daniel von texas monthly embedded correspondence. I'm sorry texas monthly barbecue editor quarterly correspondent or quarterly guest. Here on the show. But blame it on daniel for the content that i'm gonna bring you in the second hour because we were talking off air number number of months ago and we were talking about podcasts. That we like. He said hey. Have you ever checked out the relative unknown podcast. And i told him no and he had mentioned that. There was a cleveland connection. So obviously that's at the hook. So i listened to the first episode and within the first number of minutes i was immediately and hook line and sinker. I think it's ten eleven twelve episodes. It's a podcast documentary. I guess so. It's not like this show whereas just ongoing but it is a life story and i will be joined by the lady that narrates it and really that the whole story revolves around there certainly major player in the game. That does not jackie but Her father is somebody who has directly affected her life. Both growing up ongoing. And we'll talk to jackie taylor first time or the show about her father and the story that she put together with cadence thirteen. And we'll talk about the width sec program. Familiar with the whitsunday program. That's witness protection. And i think ninety nine point seven eight percent of us have no idea what it actually involves other than what we see on tv and typically ntv. It's at the end of a cop program where somebody has done. The right thing in turned on somebody else in they are sent off to be protected for the rest of their life. But nobody knows what that looks like. Nobody knows what day number two or even day number one looks like in witness protection and jackie's been living it since she's eight years old nine years old so she tells all about it she can tell us all the pitfalls that are happening and what her life has been like in the troubles that she's had she's been dealt a horrible hand a right from birth with her dad and then into witness protection. What she's had to go through there so it's going to be lightning. It's gonna be tragic and a certain degree learning about jackie's life and what she's had to endure. And hopefully we can use this platform to help shine more of a light and get more knowledge out to the masses on what the witness protection folks are going through. Because it's not necessarily the snitch or the turner that sufferers. It's the families that have to go into that in our uprooted and stock were ever their stock to assume new lives. So i'm really looking forward to it. It's been in the works for a number of months now. Huge fan again. it's relative unknown. You can find it on all the podcast platforms. It is a lesson that you should be doing tomorrow immediately after we listen to the show. So that's what's happening meet had coming up here shortly. Jackie taylor from relative unknown in the second hour. Follow me socially if you would instagram twitter and talk at bbq central show snapchat at bbq central high. But give you the raw handle for years. I i guess. I didn't pick bbq central show for snapchat. But i don't really use it anyways. Who cares for live. Video feed you can find at facebook and twitch slash bbq central show also on youtube slash. Our dear mp. There's also to free podcasts. ad free podcast feed options. You can become a patron over the patriots page which patriot dot com slash because central show. Or if you listen apple podcast you can subscribe to an ad for experience right in the app. If you live. And or around. Everett washington at the end of the month. You might wanna stop out at the semi famous. Dave anderson's barbecue restaurant at the everett ball in everett washington. It's the pacific northwest barbecue. Sanctioned barbecue event it's going to be judged by what they're terming. Kcbs trained judges. Whatever that means there will be free samples and other such goodness. So if you've always wanted to visit a barbecue contest it is. It is not you are not. It is not pay. Cbs sanctioned event. It is sanctioned by the pacific northwest barbecue association although they do throw. kcbs in there for some reason. But if you've always wanted to see how a barbecue event works in some former fashion than get out to the everett mall in everett washington and check out that barbecue. Vanity semi famous dave's barbecue restaurant at the everett mall in washington august. Twenty ninth also because it is something that is continuing to sweep the nation if you can believe it or not the mexican dish that people were laughing at the ad. That's not. Maxine can schori yes fan of the show. Brian ashman emailed this in the other day. That's right. That's the district story polio. You got beans and cheese. They're on the bottom right. You got your rice top right and then taking up. That whole left side of the plate got what is grilled chicken breast along with theresa. Sausage cheese melted on it. I'm sure there's them tortillas probably just off on the right hand side of that you can see him in the aluminum foil mix. All of it together slammed in that tortilla. Oh my god it's a mexican culinary treat the like you'll never seen.

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