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Our import chaptered feed and be three hundred feet in apple podcasts and we are both up on twitter and we're also rep institues well we'd appreciate readings reviews both sister and apple podcasts and then we're both on twitter. I am at the television. Null you're at Knowle Arcane. Thanks for a Great Week Thank you oh I should also mention. I was a guest on Hala faces this week to talk about <hes> spongebob squarepants and the best characters from Matt Show. Do you ever pick. I don't because here's the thing I've never watched spongebob really consistently well fair enough fair enough. I think it's been on for twenty years. I haven't watched it consistently there but we do have a lovely conversation so I'll link that out when it goes live it she be out on Monday but that was refund. Thank you to Clint and every over at holidays is for that but now we're gonNA throw to our COMECON wrap up <hes> in welcome back from this show mega calls like to help us look at Khan Twenty Nineteen <hes> the highlights the lowlights and what are takeaways right back after this he's been the stars have lost the crow cold and suddenly all of the man yeah his IGA call aw Jeez seemed have guns <music>. We're back with delivers. This is Kay calls his ever by Knoll Kirkpatrick and friend of the show Maggie calls it. My lovely sister is back because it's time for our San Diego Comic Con Twenty Nineteen Wrap Up and Nola. I'm going to turn over the Florida you to ask US whatever you would like to ask us about our experience. So so what would you like to know. What would you like to hear about? I'd like to hear are about all the good cost play you hopefully saw like. Did anything really stand out in particular this year yeah well man. You feel like there was a massive highlight for you on Thursday. Oh yeah you know what maybe I can share the picture with Kate in <unk> by on most yeah. There was some real really sweet <hes> Spongebob Qasr play. It was a group balls yet. I mean they were really mean didn't even look like people because the costumes seems like the mascot style. It was yeah it was really tight was really well. Done wasn't due to the Patrick Casa's play had Khadr hydraulic or something yeah yeah also yeah. There was something thing going on. So there was a spongebob Patrick <hes> Sandy Mrs Puff Mr Crabs and squidward and yeah and then they were how dare rare but <hes> so then at one point Patrick was Air India stops and kinds of oppose any went and I I don't know like I don't know if he was like actually I felt like he was actually getting taller. 'cause is like legs Kinda stretched which was funny because they didn't look they didn't look wrinkled and all before so maybe it.

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