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A couple of weeks ago out in Los Angeles when I was out there doing my marathon week in southern California and this was actually kind of fun because he and I actually recorded this over at floss dominance his house we lost the venue I had planned to record this Kurt Foster Damase stepped in big shoutout to flaws for giving us a home so yeah we were sitting in his beautiful house recording this on a very sunny very pleasant afternoon and chime and I had never met before we had been talking online about doing this we had a very narrow window we only intersected in La for a couple of days so we just had to make it happen and look I've been following it his music for a while it's just something a little different and there's no one who sounds quite like him and in this conversation I think you'll find pretty quickly said he's a guy on a mission he's really putting on for melodic dub step for this style he calls color base he started his own label that is really dedicated a to finding these artists helping them in their careers pushing their sounds and he was just a really sweet guy we talked right before he headed off to law lost lands where I know he had a big set I think a couple sets out there so this is great timing to go a little deeper with him get to know what he's all about and you got to go check it the music the whole label actually he sent me a promo pack of a bunch of different artists from the label I've been playing a lot of it on back to back radio that's my show on areas? XM If you've got.

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