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Stephanie Scott Welcome to meet the writers. Hydrogen thank you so much for having me. It's it's lovely to speech I'm sorry. It's not in person. I just need to stop by saying I loved this book, and it was the perfect kind of lockdown distraction, a wonderful sort of through under love story that just just kept me absolutely engaged to thank you for that all. Thank you, thank you so much. That's wonderful to hear and I glad you enjoyed. The multi genre aspects I was very attached to them when drafting. Yeah, let's let's start at the beginning. Tell me about your own background I. Well, I am half Indian half. British and my family from Singapore we off the generation Singapore, and so that's where you grew up. And that's yes. I was born in. Singapore and I grew up. That and my family still live there now and. It was actually I think my family experiences from both the British and the Asian sides in the Second World War and their experiences with Japan and the Japanese that led me to you. Begin to think that I could perhaps. Write this novel. In that during the Second World War, my Asian family were. In malaria when the Japanese invaded on that by schools, and took the peninsula and Singapore, and they had to hide in the rubber plantations, and my Indian Singapore. Singaporean grandma actually the friend did a Japanese soldier, and taught him English and my grandfather Rochat guide to learn Japanese because you couldn't walk onto the occupation unless you spoke Japanese so both my Asian grandparents learned, and then my English Grand Parent Grandfather for the Japanese in Burma and we've lost lost a great uncle to the death railway in Thailand as well and so they had very different experiences, but growing up in Singapore. Particularly, there is A. Those assassination with Japan that has shifted very much. Since the ocupation and Japanese culture is extremely popular and. Present that are actually we have Japanese supermarkets and. allotted influences and the more I spoke to Japanese friends of mine. Actually, the more I saw similarities between never not bringing and and my licensing. And do you speak Japanese? I don't speak it badly. I have Japanese go children and I can communicate with them, but the seven year old has surpassed me now and seen the four year old will too, and then my humiliation will be complete But but I am interested I am very interested in in S -nology, and and and in the Japanese language. I mean to say linguistically. My Romance languages stronger, but I still I still very interested in the study of Japanese Nara session. What's written characters that have? Multiple Meanings and tremendous resonance that I explore the novel I. I thought it was impossible to. Ignore that and actually I didn't want to. We'll suggested to me by someone that I just using Schwartz but. I, I! Really didn't want to. There are for example the word landscaping in Japanese means, something quite different. I mean I could have just said landscape in English, but in Japanese

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