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Hive 28 tonight partly cloudy a low of seventeen four tomorrow partly cloudy a low of thirty three monday cloudy with light snow and a light which remiss a high of thirty four and then tuesday sunday west sunny windy and cold the high of twenty two currently the barometer is rising lake michigan water temperatures 45 degrees in madison it's twenty two in green bay as 2004 in waukesha it's 25 in in milwaukee it's 25 degrees get the latest breaking news traffic and severe weather right here i very nelson newsradio wtmj welcome to us special know about best of wtmj conversations getting to know the movers and shakers of wisconsin our conversation this weekend with commissioner emeritus bud ceiling the lot of people mr mayer now that you've been mayor for a while they know that you're a us congressman before that but they don't know a lot about tom bear one conversation at a time i wanna make sure that everyone has a part of that success in everyone's a part of that prosperity i've never been around anybody that's more involved in more passionate and and stays in tune with what's really going on this east wtmj conversations argument of the program it's wtmj conversations signed greg matsick in over the next hour we will get to know the new general manager of your milwaukee bucks is john horse who for a number of years served under john hammond as an assistant and is now leading the charge as the milwaukee bucks look too on the future but as he still pinching himself with his new title are you still in kind of a impinging myself sort of phase here just before the team as the momentum and kind of how everything is developing here for the city and for the franchise itself absolutely on these they like to yourself hey that interior indicating he is just the enjoying in the end the pledge at a concert having opportunity to like this for me it's been like this as a day of and on the work in the nba star in our rangel tom pistons my hero and joe dumars you know and now the opportunities as my own professional career is to be a general manager of a team.

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