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Oh, that's. And then they're just having a conversation, and Sean you think boom head is gone. And then he lays down than bills like you think he's dead in Arthur's. Of course, he's Dan look at him. Like. But like, you said Andrea was so sudden just you weren't expecting it. Usually like sort of instance, you're kind of expecting a gunshot or something. But bam. Oh my God. I don't think emotionally torn up about that one mostly because it wasn't a character that you cared about haired about that much like his accent admitted just like show like he was still evolving relief. Yeah. It was fine. He was the definition of fine. But I do think it was it was a shock. It was a jolt to the system because it was just the timing of it. And the way that they put it together that way, but it wasn't like, oh, I'm so sad. Shawn's dead. I thought that way with a couple of the people where Mike you were just they definitely bloated the gang in my mind. So that they could then the gang, and obviously you knew going into it. If you played red redemption Bill makes it out of your makes it out Dutch makes it out like you knew those things going in. I would've said they bloated just to kill them off. And let's say that those characters added a lot because I liked I like Sean little like Irish clips, right and hit the relationship between him. And Karen, it was fun to watch those two bicker. And when I saw his death. I was like dang. I'm not going to get any more of those that you guys see the when they win the tent and blinked. No. Yeah, they go and attend. They blink. Oh. They're all very drunk. They totally had thing for each other. And it was really funny to know. Yeah. That said anyway, I think yeah. I didn't I didn't get that those what the base Braithwaite. I also like we were talking about. I love those two characters. I can't remember name. Sorry spent eighty four years or locked. I wish I mean, the boy and the girl. Yeah. Yeah. So it's P and. What's his name just finish this quest though it, but I don't remember. I know 'cause I just did. I just did wanna Penelope's 'cause I I almost didn't do her last the last mission for those. Oh, ho. Oh, Bo, and I really liked their story. I thought it was really cute. I really like Penelope a character thought, she was really progressive, and it was fun to see that in that eighteen ninety nine and see what Bo, but I wish we would've seen a little bit more steel like if there was some content cut out to you like it could've been something expanding on them because I thought that they had a really fun story and chemistry and then they leave. And then that's kind of it. You never hear from them again, which I guess is. Okay. But I would have liked to see more of them. I feel like there should have been more. Maybe along both of those houses to the ground one of them, quite literally, right? So grandma Braithwaite kidnaps, Jack, which was a pretty surprised turn of events for me that I'm like how did they get Jack away from camp was nobody like looking after him hundred you race raceway so close to can. I mean, but they're supposed to have a perimeter around the camp right security thing. And it was like I was like, okay. I guess it makes sense. You know, they're gonna kidnap him. I was like, please. Rockstar. Don't hurt the kid like don't do anything to them. Is fine too. Yeah. And obviously he was fine. But like I thought that was really fun moment. The first moment that like the whole gang is coming together. And you have that that epic cut scene were all walking down the right road. Brian. They all got their guns and their like, we're here to fuck. Shit up. You know, it's awesome. I think we did this with jackass. I'm great. He's so young in this that I don't know..

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