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Where we review the trends and issues in instructional design educational technology and learning sciences that we observed as we flip resources into our flipboard magazine over the past two weeks in this episode. We have four trends that we will share along with a recommended reading that is associated with each of these trends once we discussed those. We peer into the crystal ball and make predictions about the trends. We believe will observe in the upcoming two weeks. Abbey start off by talking about are four trends and sharing are recommended. Readings thank you. Tim are four trends. Sort of divide out into two massively big trends that we've split down into four more manageable trans so the first one what we saw greatest majority of articles for the past two weeks was about hardware and software in general but we split that out because we saw a number of articles about hardware and software for example from the consumer electronics show. But we also saw a number of articles about specifically instructional tools and resources that Were being compiled and recommended specifically for teaching and for learning so we split that into two trent so our first trend is hardware and software. We saw the vast majority of articles about that things like reports from the consumer electronics show. C e s flexible phone screens were introduced. New and updated. Laptops were are reviewed in the last two weeks a number of a upgraded apple products are expected later in the spring and in the early summer including macbook pros where with the return of the mag safe option. Where the magnetic charger. Which i don't know about you. I'm very excited about personally. And why did they get rid of that in the first place. A one one one. We'll never know. I'm so excited about because i may life a little bit easier. Microsoft teams updates. Now there's something called meeting recaps. Which makes it easier to sort of review. What went on during a meeting a Chrome and a brave browser updates. So these are all. These are all very specifically hardware-software. The working pieces that that everybody uses not just educators or students. Our recommended read in this area for those of us who do create things for our students tend fabulous free apps for working with audio video and images by doug ameth for fast company and as always i apologize if i'm mispronouncing anybody's name But these are. These are ten really good app recommendations for for working with with multimedia things that students can use in their projects things that instructors and teachers can use in their own instruction where second out for sure worth checking out number two..

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