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People. That need ministering to and we all. We all need ministering to well. Absolutely man well. I think back to You know reading the grating, and I think back to Edwards and Whitfield Gilbert tenant. Men like this to would you know The whole point of the great awakening was this incredible revival that took place I in America and beyond at the Gospel was proclaimed. An these Presbyterian preachers would preach these these these incredible sermons that would do everything that we've talked about right. They would talk about the doctrine of God the doctor to sin or need for a savior, and again you can't understand salvation and savior without understanding sin, right people would be. This book says they would be wail. Over being broken over their sin, and there were so many converts. There were so many people who were professing faith in Christ But, but when you read the great awakening, you will see. That, one of the things that these pastors and niece faithful men fought against was those false conversions was were people that would say that they they were profess Christ, but they didn't possess true religion. How great awakening words that and so so these men would meet with these people you know is about George Whitfield George Whitfield going approaching these sermons and revival, breaking out true movement of the Holy Spirit, and were the Holy Spirit is convicting of sin, and and regeneration is happening, and and people are getting it, but but again they would spend the time. To to do that right to to shepherd the the the flock of God and and providing an and being proving to be examples to the flock as as as I, Peter Five, three says and. You I think about Paul Washer right at for praise mill. The last time we were there, he said look. I've got to get on a plane. But if the Lord is moving in your heart and your life, and and if I could I would spend as many hours with you as I, as I could is needed because your soul is.

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