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Street today after an upbeat speech by Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell in New York as NPR's Jim zarroli reports Powell says the economy remained solid an interest rates are just about where they should be Powell told the New York economic club that the economy is enjoying stable prices and maximum employment. There's a great deal to like about this outlook. He said, he also said interest rates are still low by historical standards. And they remain just below the range of estimates of that level. That would be neutral for the economy that is neither speeding up nor slowing down growth Powell did not dispute speculation that the fed will raise rates in December. But his words seemed to assuage fears among investors that the fed plans to keep raising rates too much beyond that Jim zarroli NPR news, New York stocks finished higher on Wall Street today. The Dow rose more than six hundred points. This is NPR and this KCRW at four thirty two. Good afternoon. I'm Steve Chia. Take is from the central. Valley of California Democrat TJ Cox is now claiming victory in a race over incumbent Republican congressman David validation show and other media outlets including the LA times are also calling that race. Now, it is yet another pickup for Democrats bringing their total to forty seats flipped since the midterm election more than three weeks ago. The most up to date vote count has Cox increasing his lead in that California farm belt district he trailed in the vote until Monday and increased his lead to more than five hundred votes as they were tallied today. Those updated numbers released by kings into Larry county votes are still being counted in the district's two other counties, Fresno and Kern, but balloting from those areas have favored Cox in post-election day updates prompting him to declare the race over. It is important. However to note that valejo has not conceded the race in the wake of Cox's announcement today. Cox's an engineer who found a couple of nut processing businesses and on the campaign trail, he lashed out at valid in ads as a foot soldier for the Trump administration who enjoyed government health benefit. While voting to upend the Affordable Care Act. The federal agency responsible for caring for children children who have been separated from their parents at the US Mexico border quietly took on a new role this year. They're now helping to deport the children's relatives today a coalition of more than one hundred civil liberties immigrant rights and child welfare groups set a letter to federal officials demanding an immediate stop to what they call an illegal practice. Here's KCRW sterile salesman. Since April the office of refugee resettlement has been sharing information about the families of child migrants with the department of homeland security that means that fingerprints and personal data about would-be sponsors are now being fed into a database the original purpose of that database was to track criminal histories of potential sponsors to protect the young migrants. But the program was soon revamped to help with immigration verification since then more than forty people have been deported based on information. They submitted as part of their efforts to take custody of. Retain children. Critics say the data sharing agreement is contributing to longer stays in detention for kids who have family members that are fearful of disclosing their immigration status KCRW sterile. And so far neither the refugee settlement office nor the homeland security.

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