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Org It's 9 28 Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the 8th the Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center And we're here hearing about the accident scene on the northbound side of I two 70 Thanks so much for the listener for giving me some of the information here Just north of middlebrook road is where the vehicle fire is founded reports that at three far right lanes are currently blocked by Maryland department transportation and the police officers on scene once again it is a vehicle fire As of now the delays aren't too drastic You will start to see the delays soon after Watkins mill road Some folks opting to bail out at middlebrook road but regardless looks like you do have one lane available to you headed past that do be aware Southbound side doesn't seem to be affected other than a little bit of a rubber neck delay Remember if it's not in your actual way try to ignore it so you don't cause any more slowdowns Elsewhere also in Gaithersburg still got the closure at Marilyn one 24 mid county highway that accidents seen itself involving an overturned vehicle at woodfield road again delays in either direction follow the detour point So far our majors looking all right 95 BW Parkway are quiet university boulevard still got that work zone on the E on the U.S. bound side for our left lane is blocked So do be ready to stay right Soon after the beltway that's where the delays are starting off Baltimore avenue got the work zone marks anywhere zone here on the southbound side of our left lane is going to be blocked No delays because of it though just south of the beltway out of lupus quiet as you head down towards arena drive hearing about a vehicle fire along Garrett Morgan boulevard headed to FedEx fields to watch out for that follow any direction to make your way around it Down to Virginia and the inner bit of beltway reported to have a work zone setting up along the right side of the roadway as you approach I 66 I'm Carlos Ramirez WT traffic We cleared out this evening with the clouds are on their way back will become overcast tonight It'll be cold those would be in the low 30s and they'll be a pretty good chance for some flurries and far northern Maryland by the morning but no impact expected.

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