Twitter, Facebook, President Trump discussed on Flipboard EDU Podcast


Negative news sales so they they do a lot of it like to walk through and keep on tv. I personally feel that the news characterize the division between both parties. I think that it would also help to polarize america along with some rhetoric that happened on both sides. You look at one candidate or the previous president. I would say something. And then he will get eight up in the media but the response where justice negative than we gotta be careful when we are leading students because they can see that too. Yeah like to me like one media out of media and we know they are all conservative. Everything right on this side and then you have clearly by liberal. Everyone right on a when you have to believe that everything. I do a right like no communication. We communicate you really grow so we had like more responsible media extra life just on it and then probably better. Hey man. I want to thank you for talking with us on our show. Where can i guess find. You meet on you. Go to find me on twitter at about a. I'm have to follow you on twitter. Man i know that will now. Facebook friends man. You just recently had a birthday correct. Yes you did. Happy birthday mrs key. Hey man is really good talking to you sir. I really appreciate you anytime. We can work together. My brother lives do that for flips. Today's flipped to his brought to us by jan expire. So today's listen is hotter. Share your flipboard magazine or social media. One open flipboard and navigate to the magazine of your choice. Select the three dots on the top right side of the magazine. So let's share the magazine from the top and dragon navigation down. Click on your magazine to select cher. Scroll pass a social media icons select wanted to share for your magazine. Type your post information then. Select tweet to share it. Check your magazine post on twitter or facebook. -gratulations you your first flipboard magazine.

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