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Back with Jeanie Buss the controlling owner of the Lakers and CEO live on the rich Eisen show. What was the first time you met magic. It's your first time ever that I ever met magic. You know, back in the day the the draft wasn't what it is today. It was. They just called the players and said, oh, you've been drafted. So once magic was drafted by the Lakers they flew him out to LA and Bill Sharman who was the general manager of the team brought him over to my dad's house and my dad said, you know, genie, they're going to be coming over here. I got some stuff to do upstairs. Will you just bring them in seat him in the living room and offer them something to drink? So you know, I was seventeen years old. Magic was nineteen. So the doorbell rings, I open it up and there's the smile. Mile of this guy that just, you know was so fun watching on TV and now meeting them in person. So he came in, we sat down, he talked about how excited he was to be drafted to the Lakers, but that he was only stay three years until he could go home and play for the pistons. And this is what he told me how my dad's house on upstairs and you know, I was panicked. I said, dad, you're not gonna believe what he just told me that that he's, he wants to go home and play for his team back home. And my dad didn't miss a beat when he said first time he walks out on the floor at the forum. He's never gonna leave. That's what my dad said. And he knew the love affair that he had brought somebody that the city would fall in love with and magic would fall in love with the city. And that's exactly what happened and you know magic, never laughed. Remind magic all the time. But that that you know it, it kind of made sense for who he was, you know that he, you know how how much his hometown means to him. I mean, he is, you know, Mr. Michigan state even to this very day, you know, but he's Mr. Los Angeles. He country even more obviously, you know, world renowned in that regard. So how did you ever sit back and go while I'm now the controlling owner of the Lakers and the guy who I am putting in charge as as the person to make sure that we get all the trophies in the case is Magic Johnson, eight. You know, it's, it's really how we were raised by the same man. Basically, Dr boss, you know, magic coming to the team at nineteen. You know, my dad had a lot of influence and magic was somebody who wanted to learn about the business side of the operation and. And you know it, it's it's so interesting working with him because we see things the same way because we were brought up under the same philosophy and it's just made, you know, putting the Lakers in this kind of position so easy because he and I both see what needs to be done and will continue to do until you know, we, we've, we've reached our goal which is to be to make LA proud of the seem while I think you're already mission accomplished there. You know, with LeBron James coming here, you just feel it. You just feel it a walking around the town. There's no question. It's palpable sense of excitement, and I know. So in that Koby in particular is excited about this. Is it true that he texted you a game of thrones me? Yes, once that the signing took place. Yes, that's true. Yes. Kobe has been an inspiration for me..

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