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Fire, station had, a sign that read thanks to you we have. Homes. Residents began honking for the heroes as first responders went racing back out to. The fire lines saved us a lot of things. Got saved and it's just. Surprising because you see, videos and you see people postings and it's amazing that things didn't get. Worse nevertheless, residents say they can't wait for the chaos to. Be over others say, they still can't. Believe a man is accused of starting the fire intentionally he's. Taken away a lot. Of things for us my kids. Peace of mind my piece. Of mind our wellbeing. People's homes and properties firefighters, spending their lives on the lines she says. It's going to be hard to, forgive, the man but. In the meantime she's expressing extreme thanks to the first responders who've risked Everything to save the. Community from the destructive, flames Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio thousands of firefighters continue to fight. On the, front lines of eleven wildfires currently burning across California. Are about thirteen thousand, two hundred firefighters. Currently fighting the flames suddenly right now The most. People obviously would be the, Mendocino complex particularly the ranch, fire Cal fire is lintel, much off tells KNX that the next fire with the. Most fighters, would be the holy fire in Orange County she. Adds that, there's been quite a demand for aircraft fighters there's been quite. A demand obviously for aircraft this year not only from Cal, fire but many of the other states across the western US she says the weather has been helping out over the weekend in fact the next few days temperatures will be back down to normal so, we could see some significant progress have their Jordan KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio deputies shot and killed a man looking for a group of armed. Robbers in east LA and happened after two AM near floral avenue in Vancouver is street and link county sheriff's officials say deputies were hunting for suspects after. An armed robbery what a group of. Men right away from them and into a nearby apartment complex one of the Ben fought with the officers. When they call up with them and at least one deputy open fire as for the investigation into the shooting that is all taking place right now but we have been told the person who was shot Shot and killed here at the apartment complex did. Have a weapon on them TBS UIs joy Benedict says there's, no word on whether the man shop a deputies was connected to the initial robbery call a search for a broken pipes led to a shocking discovery of a man's body stuck inside the hollow brick, column at a supermarket in the antelope valley CBS Tuesday, and win explains what led to that body being founded the WinCo market and Lancaster. The store manager noticed a strong smell which he thought was a water leak plumber was called to check in a couple of the bricks were broken to look inside and when the workers look. Down into the column they saw shoe and a leg So they call the sheriff's department then removed more bricks revealing, the dead bands body with his feet beneath. Him and one, arm trapped behind his head best Gators pretty sure he's, the same man who ran onto the market's. Roof last Monday will being chased, by deputies after a traffic stop they say the think he probably got into across bass who an access door on the roof and. Then fell down. Into the hall of columns it's four thirty three the white nationalist who arrived in Washington DC this afternoon for a rally marking the one year anniversary of the deadly clashes Charlottesville Virginia found themselves severely outnumbered by counter protesters in a steady rain the small group. Of white nationalist left, the rally in the front of the White House with a police escort. Avoiding.

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