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Age age range or age age rating i should say limits some states or proposed balancing the risk will which is obviously of great significance from an priority but some states of propose a balancing that risk pool in a way the potentially could negatively impact seniors in you'd wanna say about that with regard to both of the aid reaching age rating limits or otherwise any any concern you have there of course i think we all have a lot of concern on that and i'll be i'll be brief uh you'll expanding the calculations by which uh older people end up paying even more than they have been seems unconscionable and and certainly there are other ways to approach shade approach some of those discrepancies colorado governor john hickenlooper uh the real issue here is how do you get more young people to join up uh but this is probably the wrong way and i think if you talk to a rp already the advocation advocates for for for older americans they get very agitated when when they hear this and i think it gets its it's unfortunate to take that direction when there are other choices governor thanks very much thank you mr chairman thank you senator cagey senator kaine thank you mr chair to the in ranking these are great hearing some the chair mentioned in his opening comments yesterday in virginia there was an announcement that a major company was that was thinking about going into markets that anthem had pulled out of individual markets the optima which was thinking of i do get a decided not to do it in virginia is going to grapple with what so many states are a real now division between urban suburban and rural communities the optima decision the anthem decision is gonna hit rural virginia the hardest virginia it did not expand medicaid that is hit rural virginia the hardest and i think one of the issues we have to go apple with an i think many of your states are facing his to is we don't want to become two nations separated between rural america in the rest of the country um i thank all.

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