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And another thing I think it's worth at least thinking about is right now obviously diverse is the guy. They're not going to fool around there. They're not moving endeavors to DH while JD's here. They're not moving in first, but Devers is the guy at third. But if Deborah gets hurt and has to miss a month, who else is going to play third? I think right now if Deborah's gets hurt your third baseman's Bobby dahlbeck. I would agree with you find someone else to stick it first, right? So there's that added value that brings, even though most days, his ability to play third is a non issue, because third base is filled. But the fact that he can do it gives you a little bit of insurance at third base and I think also adds some value to him in the short term for the Red Sox. So yeah, it's an interesting position because all back had a good second half rough first half defense wasn't great. But how much are you really going to invest in first base when arguably the best first base prospect in baseball is sitting in a potentially two months away? So is he on the regular roster coming out of spring training if the Red Sox had there? Brothers, Kristin Cassidy make it. No. I don't think so. Because I think they want him to play triple-A. One thing that cassis has, he, I think everyone universally agrees he has tremendous power potential. He could be 30, 40 Homer guy. But he's never slugged 500 in the minor leagues. He's now, I think, then you see what he does, like in the Olympics, right? He plays 5 games, hits three home runs, all three of them go ahead and owners. I think it's there. And I think they think it's there, but that he is a smart enough young player and a confident enough young player that he has spent the minor leagues honing his hitting, right? Being a I mean, he has a legit two strike approach. He could go up the middle. He does, he has never once tried to just sell out for power and show everyone that he can hit massive home runs. I think that's just in there. And when he I think there's a chance when he gets to a stage when he needs it, he's going to be that guy. But I think you still want to see it. And I think you still wanted to go back to triple-A, get some time. You know, I mean, he's pretty young and mixed in here as a whole minor league season that was lost. It's not the worst for him to get a little bit more development time, especially in triple-A and then especially when high bloom has talked about that he thinks triple-A is a vital step for these guys. You know, in the past under dombrowski, you know, Devers basically skip triple-A, been attende basically skip triple-A. I don't know that we're going to see that very much under high, because he has talked about that he thinks triple-A is a vital step along the way. And so I know I don't think there's much of any chance that cassis makes team out of spring training..

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