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One can make the to sit down and think about what happened yesteryear. What happened that. you know. Years before music connects with people's emotions. And that's why So many people like to sing and enjoy singing. And what's interesting is that you were a very talented are very talented singer. But you are a tremendous stand comic I know lester you had some great jokes in those days. The punchline and he used to he was straight man. I was the guy that did remember you being funnier than willie. That's good will i. I had one more question for leicester. If you've got a minute leicester back back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five you me and willie work together on a fox forty tv special a one hour show and we had you and willie as the host of that show. We had some very big names. Like dave clear and dana carvey on that show but what was interesting. Lester is i let you drive my pink cadillac as part of the opening of this show. Have you done a lot of driving. That was that was first. I and last time. Well it you can see why it's my last time i got to tell you. We do have all that on tape and it was really exciting in a little scary for me as the owner leicester i gotta be honest. Have you driving my car. But i was the big car. Yeah that was. That was a big pink convertible. It was an amazing car bed. You did a great job driving it and even though it was a little little sketchy you're a little heavy on the break There was no damage. And i just want to say thank you but i did. I was able to stop though. Oh yeah oh yeah you did in fact if you remember you kind of fun forward and willie had to save you. Yeah got right in front of the club almost late. that's why we'll say It was a real honor having you and willie as emc of that show. It was our first of three tv shows. We did too short series. One for abc nbc. But it was the fox one hour special having you is the professional. Mc really added some validity in in style in class to that first production. So thank you. That was a fun night. You don't we really like that club because this idea you know. The club was downstate. Well it's sort of hard to explain but it's down. It was downstairs basement. Level rate shows at the shows. People would go upstairs. We had a little magic stuff going on right and people go up there after the shows when we would hang out a also and But place to be. I always thought in my personal experience visiting entertainment venues. I always appreciated it more if i had an opportunity. If i was willing to hang out. I could meet or chat with or thank an entertainer for the previous couple hours of entertainment and the idea. The magic cat was not only a place to hold the audience before the show On a to show night but after the show's celebrities like you and pat paulsen and soupy sales and and later on Bob sag cool. Leno could go up actually meet. The audience and the audience would be so appreciative of that opportunity. To maybe get an autograph or say thank you or just meet people that they really were impressed with on stage. And i'm glad you remember those days. I is again. I can't emphasize enough. How important it was to the history and the success of the club to have an active front. We'll having stature made a difference. He was from detroit michigan right. Yes because i remember 'cause 'cause i met him a few times and then he knows me. I know him speaking like doing a documentary. We're working on it so eventually that'll be out who is like a spend years in the making but we'll it'll be out eventually doesn't have a title so we can tell people. Oh hello dummy. Oh hello dummy. Okay it but you know What's what's the mr excitement. What's his name. He passed away a man. I can't think of his name. Oh boy that's okay. Anyway but we gotta sizzle sizzle reel and people can go and see the little excerpts from it. It's a hello dash dummy dot com. Okay well everybody out there in the podcast land. Hello dash dummy dot com. Be sure to check it out. I will get it. It's a nice because it's a lot of entertainers that if we work with and they they talked about. I can't wait. And i want the pop. Cast audience to know that we do have some terrific material by you and leicester at the end of this interview to Share with them so with they are going to be able to get a chance to hear some of your terrific comedy. Now you were as we've mentioned a couple of times Huge entertainer to have come into the club in the eighties and nineties but I did sell the club and move on in the last twenty years. I know you've continued to do something. Like twelve different television appearances. And i know you're still a hard stage comic now. The last thing i saw was in two thousand nineteen i think it was You did a show you were a host or regular on. The kids are all right. That sound right now. We're on that particular show episode on that shows like the one episode but but no. It's sort of strange because that show the kids are alright. It takes place in the sixties. It took place in the sixties. One of the kids in the house whole he was a ventriloquist and i and i was his mentor. I mean he he would watch me on t be in the sixties he was he would watch me on tv and he would always walk around in some episodes with this little character and he'd always talk about willie tyler and lester. Wow that's right it and it lasts for like the last season of this show. They had me come on and What happened with his brother. What the vegas and somehow or another his brother. Love's got lost his his brother's chocolates figure you know. And so what happens. Like they finally said the pig into their house but it wasn't as big as my lesser. They got a mixed up less.

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