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Liar. The state offers up more funding help to veterans organizations hurt by the pandemic. From ABC News. I'm Dave Packer. With one week until a Memorial Day deadline. Infrastructure negotiations between the administration and Republican lawmakers seem at a standstill a challenge today from White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Our view is that It's really a test for Republican senators Did they want to find government common ground today want to engage with the president about moving an agenda forward for the American people? Or are they going to take all of their direction from leadership? Republicans rejecting the idea of paying for it with the corporate tax hike. Meanwhile, the president with a plan to help states bearing the brunt of evermore severe weather, 2020 saw the most named storms on record seven. The 30 names. Storms alone claimed 86 lives and caused more than $40 billion in damage, which is why the president's doubling theme is prepared this funding, adding a billion dollars through an already funded quick program, the president saying that he and FEMA will not play favorites with red or Blue States Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington The Biden administration is condemning the government of Belarus after its president. He's been called Europe's Last dictator was accused of faking a bomb threat to force down a passenger plane at a meeting in Brussels, the president of the U. Commission, pushing for sanctions, Ursula Vander leading calls it utterly unacceptable hijacking. Strangest behavior have to understand that this will have severe consequences. Suspect in at least four murders across South Carolina and Missouri, now in custody. No shots fired is Tyler Terry was apprehended a covert crisis in Japan, now less than two months from the Tokyo Olympics. The US adding Japan to the do not travel covert advisory list but major progress against infections here at home, prompting New York.

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