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Of the core the rays right now really don't come leaders are the giants wouldn't you're going to let figure it out he is going to get portlanders local reason where isn't a fly but what got fires than your but bettman said one minutes with an emphasis on wednesday night com larsson coming on the road he came in and got last night hired as island we'll earlier the taken right side tired play now he's going to get will work french banners in these are sticker tired it is putting on this race park he and his tamer gambling on they're going to have that long green light run that hasn't come along everybody out state now it's on the leave lack malik casey cade was here right french tires as a new stick tires for casey came stated that are there pit box and i don't see as he won set one set of tires remaining for casey kane people i just checked with earp if they had two sets remaining so they have a bit of a luxury to come down to put new tires on during this exchange well isn't at interesting this very well and an ideal want to go back and revisit this so steve come back and let's talk about this for a minute not true expedited accusing him as an example denny hamelin did not yet so i write danny hammond should have won more set up fresh tires then bat of martin's perhaps you can explain i think that's not good layup attempt up and danny him once quickly through the without now here's where it gets interesting if we get a anyone now martin throughout his front one hundred one has a few more labs on the son of players and they all still have one set the top on the rays on so there campbell him with a long run that's really the issue and this time you know when jamie mcmurray in others top the short run we're not gonna take connors we're gonna leave two on merit and if we've cautions keep coming quickly that would put them in a more advantageous bought so growing.

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