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The other thing too is you can look at the palms of their hands if the palms of your hands are starting to look a little globally we know little sunlight lighting blow yellowish could but the easiest thing to do is to look in the mirror and look at the whites of your eyes the whites of your eyes are looking yellow not your teeth a lot of us has yellow teeth but the whites have rise those start turning yellow and liber davidge happens because the liver cell that has the enzymes in on billy rubin and all sorts of other products that deliver has to make when these cells die right because of an inflammation or an infection or an attack by alcohol or drug or whatever and you go into a hepatitis which is deliver these the cells lights or they open up so the contents leak into the blood which is why when we see high liver enzymes we're like there must be a lot of damage going onto the liver because these numbers should it be that high now i've had some people that say look my liberal enzymes are perfect i've been drinking a bottle of wine a day for years and my liver looks normal well if your liver enzymes are the result of cells opening up and licensing and you have a liver where half of the liver is dead like a psoriatic liver where the liberals are not working anyway then you might not mount that response of seeing all the liver enzyme spike you know people with hiv may not get fevers they may not have the same symptoms when a non hiv or somebody with aids i should say some people they hiv don't have the acquired immuno deficiency syndrome but if somebody has a severe immunodeficiency transplant patient etc they may not mount the same response someone who's diabetic does it feel sharply they have nerve damage so they may not get the chest pain that you were i get a heart attack diabetic someone with anemia or sickle cell anemia may not have a red throat because again they're anemic they don't have as many blood cells so we have to take that into account and not say oh you're just.

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