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On the Indiana toll road you have the on going construction between grant to west of cal you met in the left lane until the end of November get traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point on the phone accu weather forecast for early this morning partly cloudy skies low of sixty three degrees later today warm with a mix of clouds and sun and high of eighty two sixty seven degrees right now though here sixty nine at midway sixty six at the lake front WBBM news time two fifty. more reports and the most news coverage news radio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM. diabetics are comparing notes about how much they're paying for insulin one Decatur area woman's monthly costs have gone from eight hundred dollars to eighteen hundred dollars in ten years WBBM Dave doll report has one diabetic and single mom Megan Blair learned the hard way rationing insulin doesn't work I ended up in the hospital several times and not just the easy trip to the emergency room it usually ended up with a two or three day stay and I see you after months and months of going through the struggle of fighting with the insurance the public aid I was given was then taken away I had to go fight to get this back well I was in school and can only work part time she spoke at a news conference pushing a one hundred dollar per month cap on out of pocket costs for insulin in Springfield Dave doll newsradio one oh five point nine FM the number of deaths linked to E. cigarette use is climb made yet another death linked to vaping this one in the central California county of Tulare limited details are being released about the person who died described as a man over the age of forty he did have a history of using E. cigarettes and had been treated for the last several weeks.

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