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She was fabulous. That's the thing about her is when she was good. She was the best actress ever. She was just fantastic. But she was just so screwed up with things and insecurities. And I don't know. But Ray now you're working closely with I'm you guys set it off. Well, we hit it off very well. In fact, we became very close friends, and so we did the show and I, I ended up having to do all the course close for sure. And a lot of the guest stars. And we had the best guest stars ever. And because the show was kind of always in trouble. We had different directors. We had different Corey. Gophers different set designers even I mean it just changed as we went along, and I met all these people, these are people that ended up working with and for the next twenty years, fabulous in that respect. And I think right met lies lies. It was eighteen right? I think she had just finished working in New York. The us about forward or one of those shows, I think you had said in one of the interviews. I read preparing for this that it was sort of through the experience of seeing Ray, who was dealing mostly with Judy on that show. Seeing what that interaction was like that you learned. It's probably good to keep a little distance between yourself and your clients. Is that fair to say? Well, I always have I mean, I've always been good friends with clients. But I'm not their best best friend. I don't rush over instead at the end of the bed, and cry with them when they just just stopped, what I do because he was getting calls in the middle. And he did Judy like Tim along and they had a very good relationship, and he made her look at the clothes that we did for her would just like terrific, and she got thinner. So she looked good in them. But, you know, it was it was tough several times in the middle of the night things happen on that show to that woman, and she'd be back rehearsing the next day off to the hospital off to the horrible. I think you said that she had one of the weirder. Figgers that you had to have designed for what was her? She's four foot eleven that's a really short girl and long legs should this beautiful eggs, but really short little body. And so it was hard it was hard. But and somebody when they're that small, everything was small VCR in the old movies as a kid. She was tiny five pounds looks like fifteen when you put it on. It's just has nowhere to go. So I guess the big takeaway from your years, working on that show were just what learning to work quickly and sort of on the fly will anytime you do weekly television. You better work quickly. You're out of a job, and don't I spent a lot of my life, doing weekly Televisa and sometimes more than one show week. The first client that you really became personally associated with would've been Mitzi gainer. I tell you I love Mitzi Gaynor. That was yeah. That was my first star lady that decided she was going to really let me do it. And this is like. Nineteen sixty six she's gonna do review. What was I mean, we now, think of as the place for flashy, showgirl types up was it already that it was already and sheet loved clothes. And she wasn't happy about designer. She had before I think he drank a little too much. But that's another story anyway. We sat down and talked. And I was a fan of hers watching her from the time she was like eighteen in the movie. She was like, well South Pacific was she was already started by then. But when she went to FOX, she was just a kid, and they were like grooming, her to be musical comedy star, but musical, comedies, basically, declined in the next few years, where there weren't very many and if they were they had to be a big win like South Pacific, right? So she wasn't getting the work. She wanted. And so they decided to do a nightclub Mitzi gainer is miss show business. She knows how to entertain to this day to this day, she knows how to tell a joke fishy..

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