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There you go, and you know, when apple be platforms, Alex Jones, everyone else followed. And so this is a follow me moment in Silicon Valley. And I think that he does speak for most executives and most executives do not want their app pulled from the app store. So they're all going to follow now in Apple's footsteps, and you can you can hear what it means. And that's just Tim Collins cooks, Tom things that's his own personal belief system. But I think it's going to hurt the company severely. I'm not gonna argue with you on this. It's it's it's very it's a lot of hubris. It takes a lot of nerves patronizing it makes all kinds of sumptious that has none of them are good as full yourself. I mean, you're you're you you make the phones you make iphones and you make computers and you make a few other doodads inconsequential in the history of mankind. And because you have a closed platform. What what are you doing? There you go with outrageously closed platform for everything you have to buy for any of the equipment. If you can even open them because his not allowed not allowed to repair the open an iphone to fix the screen on your own or something like that. Or somebody else? Does it it voids the warranty? This is not good. He's he's full of crap is an evil company. Yes. Without knowing it, and you know, he has an example to look to because things are going to go wrong. And you'll need a couple of mistakes. And the internet is information still wants to go where wants to go. The see all the stuff leaking out everywhere you recall. The Mark Zuckerberg refused to go and answer questions the in UK parliament, boy, they sure got back at him. They bought slammed the kids Facebook under public scrutiny again after new internal documents that were made public Wednesday showed the social media giant giving special access to user data to other companies like Airbnb lift in Netflix. Flakes. The documents had been under seal, but a British parliamentary committee investigating Facebook released them revealing the inner workings of Facebook from about twenty twelve to twenty fifteen. The committee says the documents show Facebook turned over data to select companies while restricting access for others. Reuters tech correspondent Paresh DEVE. These documents could add to the ongoing scrutiny on Facebook, especially about potentially anticompetitive behaviour. It's privacy practices, its growth hacking tactics and rose. Business model? Facebook has faced scrutiny around the world from lawmakers regulators and other government bodies, these documents could serve has new evidence for those inquiries and these two hundred fifty pages that were released are fantastic. I mean, what's not in this report? He's proof. We heard about it. It was dismissed but proof that on Android. They change their app. So that users phone logs SMS texts were logged in their app, and that they on the update did not receive a change in permissions, they hack their way around it. And they explain how they did it on Email. It's it's it's fantastic. It's you have to download this just read through it. It's it's emails back and forth. And just how they talk to each other. It makes you wanna puke. It. And I, you know, it's this is they've got real problems. I think just the opposite. Really really, you think just the opposite how so dear friend. Well, I think what they're shows that these guys are the kick ass kind of like do anything to get ahead company. That is the kind of thing you want to invest in. Well, you may want to see if the bottom is reached yet before you stick your stick. It cat hit the by. We have this game on Deitch employees tonight. Valerie think we hit the bottom bombs about one thirty. Yeah. Well, I don't know. I think it's more. I hear the better. It sounds. I'm maybe I'm just the opposite of Tim cook. Who would be a guess I'm going to swoon. I can't believe this is going on gambling going on here in the bar. No. I think this is I find it just. Yeah. I mean, I think it's funny. I know they're scrambling over there. The offices like because they're getting busted left and right for being dict that they are and the purely they are Dicks and his show. So. Memos. And even when Zeca goes up to doesn't do a very good job. He's not personable person. He's just kind of you know, robotic guy. But he knows what he's doing and Sandberg is just obviously a very cunning runt while cutting runs. Nice in Australia. They know exactly what that means. Will the point is is that she is ruthless. And I think maybe they've spirit of George Bush went right into her. But. Far as I can. I mean, so far as an investment is concerned. I'm liking Facebook, more and more. Oh, okay. I'll take your one thirty and I'll say one Elsa eighty seven dollars where there may be a bottle. All these strikes. Go down like that eighty seven be great. I think that's where it's headed. People are abandoning this platform, not all their platforms. But this one they are abandoning. And you know, this what happens is these governments. They start to figure out how it works. And there's also some massive media. Tomahawks out there and in after the break, all I have. I did this is where I see the weakness. The media Tomahawks the media, and I have one clip about this. But the media is finally gotten a clue instead of like us on Facebook. It's like lettuce get Facebook. Because they are the if the media doesn't stop them. They're gonna be the media is going to be even worse shape than they are already evidence news first broke that a political consulting firm. Cambridge Analytica was able to get data from eighty seven million Facebook users there have been more questions about whether Facebook sold or share more data with other companies than its lead on publicly that investigation has been continuing in Europe and today, Nick Schifrin tells us there are new documents that show the social media giant gave other companies select access to user's data Judy. The documents were released by British parliament committee and seemed to show Facebook using all of our data. As a bargaining chip to increase revenue, the committee accuses Facebook of cutting special deals with companies like Netflix Airbnb and lift to access users data because those companies were advertising on Facebook Facebook restricted access to user's data to companies at deemed competition. This is perfect. I was going to do this after our break, but you've led me into it with this. So I'm going to do these. It's a series of clips the only other series. I have been I can do it before the break, but we have to do it. Because it is this. Frontline PBS frontline interviewed Brad par scowl. And he is the guy who ran the digital. We played some clips from in the past. He's the guy. Iran is the digital media campaign for Trump mainly Facebook. And I think he's currently the only person working on Trump's twenty twenty reelection campaign which ensures online at this point and not only did he say that he had to have a full recording of their interview. But as a part of something new the PBS frontline transparency project, which as recommended by that spook, which one of the Woodward or Bernstein over Bernstein like, oh, we should chop up. The interviews and then put the whole thing online. So they did they put the whole interview online. It is fantastic to watch an hour and fifteen minutes, it the whole point of this interview is to discredit Facebook to show how the Trump campaign manipulated. Facebook's algorithms how? How how you know how the internet research agency in the Russians were able to change votes. They're comp- so micro focus, and this guy who's doing the interview. He can't he just can't make it happen. It's so bad at the end. And you know, it's really bad when your producer starts, interrupting and asking counter-questions behind you. There's a female voice who starts jumping in. I mean, you know, that it's things are not going well with your little piece here, you're hit job. So this is really a face bag hit job, gone terribly wrong. And. As a as a former marketer. And I think you'll find it interesting as well. John to listen, really, how they did it what the strategy was and the tactics which were elegantly simple and not. So foreign to us is just nice to hear because it kind of shows you, you know, is everything new or is the old stuff just faster. And so what was the primary in the primary season. What was the strategy Facebook and had it shipped go into twentieth. Shock and awe shock at all. How what's that mean? Which means is. Put Mr. Trump message. Let him speak directly to camera and give it to as many people as possible also say par scowl has the same illness as Tim cook. The must be tech thing. Again, the must be thirty edits just taking out the long pauses for your listening enjoyment. And when you say shock and awe, do you mean that they that you were bombarding people with cuddled Laurie or it's not about what we were showing. It's not shock as in the type of content. It's the shock of here is a a considerable amount of content to just continue to to show them directly from the President Donald Trump. And so I take shocking on more just in the military sense of. Let's just go and flood zone. I mean, but in terms of shock it off content. I mean, one of the things. Things. Go viral right on Facebook sort of playing to the Albery. This is what I like this guy thinks he knows how it works like, well, you know, things play into the algorithms, right? This never ending a belief in machine learning, and it's. Yeah. Oh, knocking off content. I mean, one of the things. Things. Go viral right on Facebook and plane to the algorithm, and you know of what's engaging context?

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