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Welcome to ideas once upon upon a time in a faraway land. A man's reputation matter a lot but security protect. Take my own reputation the truth. You haven't salted me I apologize. Welcome to the world hold of sixteenth century. Italy or gentlemen cared so much about their reputations that they'd sooner face death then be called a liar by any one of their peers. The dueling takes place in this world. Where if there's a challenge you have to respect? You are a liar you are not to liar. Defended with weapons. Alternative with weapons tools and Italy are very public people would come to watch. It was television. MM-HMM AARON METEOROID is studying for his PhD in history at York University. You have to look really really small things and see the little peculiar in particular details tails newbury interesting complicated fashion show with blood their sword. Why is the symbol of your noble status and your Ban Hood Joe? You're sort of. You're sort teach you down the street like chicken today. What happens when a culture puts honor and being true to your word I in life itself second and what the long loss ritual of the dual you can tell us about our own cultural priorities? This is the latest in our series ideas from the trenches where we highlight the work of outstanding students across Canada. The series is presented by Nikola. Look and Tom Hal so this one is actually deliciously Salie Roman situation so it'll be like a good example of how the Roman conception of the dual works. We need Erin meet in a small upstairs room at a large church in downtown Toronto. This is where he and a handful of friends practice the art of fencing and historical reenactment. We have a number of supernumeraries as well. Aaron is leading his friends through the social dynamics of a real quarrel from the sixteenth century. He's going off to translations of a memoir by an Italian Goldsmith named Shalini. What's happened is our dear? French lady is at the restaurant in Rome. And this fifteen twenty two according to the autobiography and he's with a bunch of Florentines friends because it's a Florentine holiday and well. Aw this Roman soldier comes up trying to impress a lady and starts. Well what do you do. Jeff Speak Evil of Florentines. They're five re-enactors here including Aaron. But they're not doing reenactment in the way I've heard about where you dress up as a character from olden times this is something else. Yes so that's why Florentines are the the worst. I hear this. I am offended. I sneak away from the table for. I don't want to make any of my friends offended for that would be bad. And then we'd have mob of going after so surreptitiously go over to ask Sir. Is it you that has been speaking badly of Florentines. I am that man. Dan I am this Matt smacks me in the face. We both polar swords out. You're GonNa Start Your tickets. Tickets breath creek very quickly sour. What happens now we try and pull them out so? Hey Hey hey no finding go all. Everybody wants to be a peacemaker. It's good for the reputation so we break it up the next day. Issue a challenge to you to come find me. I have a challenge. So what do I do. You've read this. I have to admit that I don't quite follow this. First reenactment enactment. Apparently it's about some Italians who once upon a time manage to avoid getting into a sword fight and now there's two ways I've seen this ending translated in this this particular ending according to the footnote which I didn't put on in the originals that I send out go standby your primary according to what happens in this. This particular translation is that we've come to a gentleman's agreement and we decide that the needs to be no bloodshed today. Apologies are exchanged however in the other translation. I've seen and I have to go through the Italian beef. Be Certain it says that the other guy failed to show up. Oh come on. We came here expecting to see real life old fashioned Italian dealing with swords. So what caves when we say. A dual dual dual doesn't necessarily end in combat. There's a process between issuing a challenge for a duel and the resolution of a dual people were quarrelling all the the time it ending in combat. That was the more rare thing. So how would you define like a clear dual. What you need is an offense? It's in the Lombard laws. You have to essentially give somebody the lie. You have to call them a liar and then they have to challenge that and say I'm not a liar and I will prove it with weapons..

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