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T- put up they they ruined the whole aesthetic. Fester. Yep. Ugly, friends and family called the laws to say they easily recognize them while watching the film. They quickly filed a lawsuit. They said they only sent out about fifty of those family portraits. But not to anyone who works for lifetime. No word on how their photo ended up as a prop of the movie set without their permission. The family is suing lifetime for all of the movies profits, still by the way. Comment from lifetime lifetime. You know? You gotta you gotta clear all that stuff before you put it on the wall. Even if his lifetime, it's a TV movie, and they didn't. So they might be in trouble there. I don't know about all the profits from the get-go, but it might be thirty forty fifty grand. You know, they got to cough up for this thing. But why would they why would the family pursue that? You know? I mean, they're they're put on the wall because they're an ugly family, right? Why don't you just let that go one got away? I you need ten grand or twenty grand. And then let everybody in the world know, how ugly your family is out of here. People have no idea what they're doing. Our live on KFI. Best smashing grab robbery at the millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown LA has left. One person injured the LAPD says two men and one woman used a hammer to steal valuables from the hotel jewelry store robbers appear to be between twenty five and thirty. They took off in a silver Ninety-six Lexus sedan more talks are scheduled this weekend. And the Elliott school strikes. This. Student who talked to KTLA spent part of the day at another rally downtown in grand park..

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