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Including making sure that there is a private right of action the goal would be to to file lawsuits against polluters this is the way that it used to be until a Supreme Court case a few years ago. album is that when you get administrations like the trump administration. you can't rely on the government to make a claim. I want a vest that power back in the people. we can assume we can assume god you see the sun because to mother nature. no no no you gonna sue these rich people to drive cars that guzzle gas to take vacations are flying airplanes you gonna sue corporations because obviously in companies they're the ones that do this. yeah this is awesome porn I have no money to vote for this guy because he's gonna help me sue. everybody so I can make a living. people crazy but I got confirmation seven ten tomorrow morning I'm going to have the oral valley mayor in studio to answer questions about the golf course what the hell's going can't write you can't I I can't rely on the rest of the media. they don't know the hell they're talking about what they're doing on the lance anyway so that's tomorrow morning right here on campus today are they you can come if you are but Julian Castro I'm gonna try to squeeze the end there something else and he is just information coming up more more of everything popping up. fast and furiously. I got this Sarah Carter the reporter. she has a story the head of the U. N. communications. wrote on Facebook that illegal entry into the U. S. is never a crime. Melissa Fleming. Melissa Fleming. right he's on Instagram actually she wrote on Instagram. I'm looking at this. again she is the head of the U. N. United Nations communications there's a picture of a looks like a my grid woman with a with a baby. and she writes it's never a crime to seek asylum in another country even if one enters a country irregularly not illegally irregularly. wait wait what. it's going on. should the right to seek asylum is enshrined in article fourteen of the universal declaration of human rights made binding by nineteen fifty one refugee convention wow she's American by the way. appointed by the United Nations secretary general as the undersecretary general for global communications. it's the same rate so so here we go. she is the spokes person. in the office of the United Nations high commission for refugees in Geneva the same organization Ilan Omar the anti semitic Congress on the home wrecker invited law last week we talked about its take over our southern border manager because we don't treat these people too well. so there you go. never illegal. what's going to run a good brine walking the canister hello Brian. how you doing today what's happening man has one let's not making a lot of phone calls to disposable important people in this country about Jonathan sparks beyond nice hate crime and all you know that being ignored you know got anyway so I actually got a call back mark this people she can't do anything about it. she just she just can't do a thing about it they're done she can do and eleven she's gonna DO but I think I think I think I know that's run this big news she's done something about it. she's taking a hike. yeah right. she went on a high. yeah they're great he says to me all there's nothing she can or will do about it she she tried or would you try to do I don't know but anyways here is my response. a bright slowdown today did she actually say she tried to do something yeah she looked into it that then they they do so what what should I do say stay said she looked into it but you can't do anything yeah. can't can't she can't bring attention to it at all but she can we pick out our frigging dog about the hike she took twelve hours ago. I said you know you could become the lady actually got mad at me for saying has been taken to pictures of doggies posted up on Facebook or Twitter want to comment and rate once you take a picture Jonathan Bankole pose that up but to come in under that way like that at all good so you Lou good for you know yeah I'm called a hundred and twenty some people in the last four days Garrett and they're all rotten piece the garbage I'll tell you that. god bless you for that may lead you since I want to tell you some I got I I'm glitter on me I got a text yesterday from Jonathan sparks you tell me the plea hearing has been set for October seventh nine AM at the Pima county Superior Court house. room eight fourteen before judge Oregon he said I'm gonna make a statement to the court nasty deny the sham of a plea anyone to all the listeners to be able to go I invite them to go he's like I feel that asked them to go can you ask them so I'm I'm you know if you want to go support him October seventh nine AM Pima county courthouse courtroom eight fourteen you could pack the court put a lot of pressure on the judge. servers all I am going to be in their minds. I'm a real bad I was lied to by the FBI misdirected by mark Burnett **** office all in the process of trying to be some justice for this man from rotten people in this world there god bless you Brian thank you for checking in manner thank you for doing that do it I appreciate all of it. that man that he does we probably the most violently attacked matters the Porter in the history of magazine orders I don't know why it has made national news it's a crime. for a day but this this this the fact that it's getting basically tossed into a plea deal that's what needs to go national again you're right maybe I'll get her to do some stuff I'm gonna be on it. and it stinks on ice yeah it does Brian thank you man I really appreciate it take care bye but I. man that's crazy. Martha's office again if you missed the mark that she will come on the show which again I'm totally fine with I like making fun of her it's fun to me she tweeted thirteen hours ago a picture of her and for people when it going on a hike. they completed a section of the San Francisco peaks passage. what's your time to talk to the people of southern Arizona was Makena state or all of Arizona is listening on the radio up there listening all over by the way including I got a message from people there listening on a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this morning thirty thousand thirty five thousand feet up apparently flight southwest you get I her radio. read CS so they're everywhere Martha to communicate but you'd rather go on a hike go take a hike Martha it's canister. morning ritual with Gary Lewis many homes.

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