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Mike. Fair forget really good game, but I couldn't beat it back today, and I still never beat it maybe one day all emulate and finish it that way, but. Yourself I probably won't. Beautiful job so much eight on the show. Jail is Sam guiding. You should be in jail. Like like brick. People's consoles. There's like a demo or something or no white people's memory cards like if he had playing a demo, yeah, own. Alright and I do want to say as I said earlier. We are still doing the contest. I'll talk about it more next week. As well. We'll let it go a little longer. Just because everything is going on currently in our world, police in the USA plus I didn't I, don't I'm too busy gory? Paul Konta but I want to. Pay For getting a full release of revenue elaborate. Follow us on facebook instagram twitter. We were caffeine. Amusing posted screen Cheshire the upcoming game in this case will be a bunch of blue and orange portals next week. Also got to give a quick charter awesome intro ultra. Courtesy of Bobby Aka Mike Tony, who's going to be on the show at some point longtime for? Some time for now. Would it be on the show? I finally got that ironed out, and we should have him on the show. Talk about to talk with them for the first time since we've mentioned his name over one hundred times almost one hundred almost a hundred times at this point. I have miserable hundred times. It's not public, not published a hundred times. All right and I think that about wraps up what I need to say. Thank Salmon Jesse taking time out to join us again. Yes and we will see an also. We do comic episode every month we do. A marvelous AMAC universe movies I'm currently passing through that you got ironman. Man had just came out last month and you'll have four later. Later in June! You're listening to this so definitely. Check those out and we will talk to you. We will see you guys next week. Hi! Hi there be still alive. Dammit I hate you..

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