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Have been responsible for a lot of great things for Israel on Tuesday in the oval office trump explicitly said if Jewish people vote for a Democrat they are disloyal today he changed it slightly in my opinion you vote for a Democrat you're being very disloyal to Jewish people and you're being very disloyal Israel that word disloyal is really problematic says rabbi Elissa wise with the Jewish voice for peace because it taps into the idea of dual loyalty is actually a centuries old anti semitic idea that dates back to European monarchies array of this idea that Jews are somehow disloyal to or have more loyalty said and to the outside of the state to which they live she argues it's dangerous for the president to use language like this and she says he's done it before might wanna say oh he's fumbling over his words but I don't believe that you look back in April when he was speaking to the Republican Jewish coalition he referred to bat prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as your prime minister but I stayed with us your prime minister at the White House to read the Republican Jewish coalition is an American Jewish political it isn't an Israeli organization the coalition has back trump in this controversy over his loyalty comments but the reality is the majority of Jewish voters in America oppose trump and consistently vote democratic seventy plus percent of Jewish Americans vote democratic in every single election since exit polling began Jeremy the enemy is president of Jay street at progressive Jewish lobbying group he says what trump is doing here is less about persuading Jewish voters and more about exciting his base by highlighting divisions Israel is an issue not simply for the Jewish community it is an evangelical issue it's an issue in many red states and it is comparable as a cultural divide on things like guns abortion and other culture war issues asked about how this all relates to trump's reelection strategy the campaign released a statement from CEO Michael Glasser who pointed out that he is Jewish it didn't mention loyalty went after Democrats and highlighted the president's record on Israel Tamera Keith NPR news diplomatic drama is playing out in the Mediterranean Sea that involves an oil tanker at the center of a standoff between the US and Iran Britain detain the ship for a month off the coast of Gibraltar over claims that the Iranian crude oil on board was bound for Syria in violation of sanctions now it's on the move again and the US is warning countries not to do business with it NPR's Joanna could kisses reports from assemble the Iranian tanker called the Adrian Daria moving slowly across the Mediterranean Sea might as well have a target on its mast the US has a warrant out on the tanker claiming it's linked to Iran's revolutionary guards which Washington deems a terrorist organization secretary of state Mike Pompeii all offered this warning we've made clear anyone who touches it anyone who supports it is a risk of receiving sanction from United States the ship has set course for Greece which promises it will not help the tanker reach Syria but Greece's deputy foreign minister mills the I. these five it's your he's told a local TV network that he also does not want trouble with Iran in the Persian Gulf my solicitor FAD it's important to us that the strait of Hormuz is say is important the street is not the right ones and of course it's also important that we have really good relations with the United States which is the biggest naval power in the oil trade researcher euro spell ladies says the running tanker likely won't docket Greece for a very practical reason it's too big for Greek ports dongles going there are significantly smaller we're talking twenty to thirty thousand Tom's whereas these banker is a hundred and twenty thousand pounds so that's all would not the tanker is still days away from grace and could linger in the Mediterranean or it could head back to Ron according to senior Madani of the site Tinker trackers but the ship's crew can't steer it through the Suez Canal carrying two million barrels of crude oil and over about a million to another vessel and then give us all and it's so much scrutiny on this tanker it's not clear who would risk that transfer or where it would happen Joanna kisses NPR news is stumble you're listening to All Things Considered from.

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