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Friday night. He had a great week. Get into your weekend. Big plans this weekend. Jerry, none had a lot going on this weekend. Yeah. A lot been running around like a crazy person. Territory share? I mean, I just went to a huge event at the field museum. Lot of food. I had some really good chicken. Oh my gosh. And I hang out with with bachelor Colton Underwood, and he was just awesome from Washington, Illinois. And he was just really great ask him where he's going to see the Super Bowl. He said his grandma's house. Yeah. So here's a good guy and had a lot of food there. They had at full set down dinner. But I wanted to come here and be with you. So. What part are you thought to yourself? You know, what he probably ended the show by himself? This a rare opportunity. I didn't think about that. Well, okay. I'm out by. No, you love coming in, Jerry. Now. I do have a great time. So yeah. So yes back going on. I went to the singer called, Emily king. She played at Lincoln hall. So it's been a crazy today. There's more tomorrow I've been to Lincoln hall. I saw I saw me play in Lincoln hall with all the clock feel. It goes the oldest person in there, but I had a wonderful time. Yeah. This was really a diverse crowd. I was really impressed with her. She's a little like prince, I I mean super familiar with this artist, Emily king but dressed kind of like pranced at some funky kinda music. A really interesting different crowd of people. So sold out. Talents that you haven't shared yet me. Yeah. I sang in the chorus and Tennessee, and yeah, did you really? Yeah church. I think solos and church and everything Tom. Do you want to hear Jerry sing do? Yeah. If you got the chops, give me a little Ave Maria. Maybe oh Lord. I don't think I can do that. Right. What about the camp town, ladies, that's my spoons outright complaining. Hampton, ladies sing this done. Do you come on? I mean, my greatest hits, sir. George Michael's, faith, brilliant. Now, some little Ricky Martin can sink some living LA, Vida loca. Bo we're here til one. Why don't we table that for now? Let me warm up. Yeah. Those cross earrings that he used to wear. Yes. Let let let's let's let's let's table that. And we're going to jump into the heavy so okay. Tuesday earlier this week, two AM and. All right. So you have an African American man getting off the subway at two AM, jussie smollet popular. Why people watch empire you watch empire. I was on it. Okay. We really empire. I did. I did some extra work in the coming out. So to the first season. Well, so and then I've interviewed Jesse like, okay. So what what the vied with him? I mean, he is just a straight up a really nice guy. Like interviews. His sister for WGN America. Shell called underground name's journey. Okay. But he I just interviewed a few months ago. And then just talk to Terachi who's also on the show, and as they're making statements about it just this is two weeks ago. I talked to her so I feel that just from his vibe. And I think we should get into whether people think it's true or not because I want an admin interested. If people think all of it's true, or there's some problems at the story or what they feel so he leaves a subway restaurant near as apartment in St. or street or Ville, you know, just downtown. Very affluent part of the city. It's two in the morning to people approach him, they're yelling, racial, and homophobic slurs. He's a gay man. I don't know if they knew that or not maybe they supposedly they came up and said are you that from right there? That's how they started. Okay. So and so then they reportedly scratched him up doused him with bleach. And then placed a rope around his neck while proclaiming this is mega country. Okay. So. My we can have the question. Whether or not you believe the story to me. What's more interesting is? That we we all live in the city. Right. Even if we live in the suburbs. And I'm just curious what people think of how Chicago. Has come along has progressed over time. And how inclusive of a city is it. From 'cause I I see some good. And I also see that we're in. We are still dependent. I think we are pretty neighborhood Centric right there. Let's put it this way. I think all of us. And I don't want to make this a right or left or anything seen. I'd just like to see I just think there could be. A lot more diversity throughout the city. Yes. Then than we have now. What what I don't have any solutions on exactly how to get us there. But that's something. I would like to see I mean, I came from the south, and I moved up here because I liked the diversity of the city. Right. So for me, it's always keeps growing and growing. And I love all that. But people were really shocked that this could happen in Chicago that this c-, I don't find it. I find it shocking. Well, look, there's attacks in the city all the time. This goes on a whole 'nother level when you're when you're talking about bringing out a rope. I mean, that's that is that is. So unbelievably uncomfortable, and you can hide behind a red hat and act like. You're I'm I'm aligned with with whatever you think the president's aligned with it. That's that's not. It's just your. It's not it's not. I'm not listening. I'm not the biggest support of the president. That's not fair to him. It's not it's ridiculous. So he did make a comment. Trump made a comment about you know. Which was surprising because people are waiting for them to say something. So he basically said that I can tell you is horrible. I've seen it last night. It's horrible doesn't get worse. Right. And then he moved onto. Yeah. Of course, then he went back to the wall. I just I just people that are hiding behind the red hat and acting like these are things that somehow some way is being told that his okay now, it's completely and utterly ridiculous. Now, the rhetoric could be a lot better coming out of there. A lot of the time. But still I mean, come on your at the end of the day. It's on you. You can't you can't sit there and try to act like this is okay now, let's get an Uber. Driver mad in here. Uber driver. It says that she one hundred percent. The story is real do. You know, do you have any information here? I do not have any information. Let's assume for a second eight was state, which I do not believe you really think somebody would go that far I'll say frame to. Bleach on. Burning..

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