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Oh what do you think stops us from being more loving towards each other because it seems like a lot of times in our community not just you know as it pertains to women men but men and men. It's almost like we feel like we don't deserve to be loved action. self-protection really explain. You'RE GONNA avoid getting hurt so not to hurt you set yourself apart and create a wall from the beginning and so when you create that level of distance from the beginning then the expectation is always gonNa we all right. Because I'm not GonNa let anybody pass this barrier that I've created from the beginning they don't know anything other than this if I give them a little more. We doing good but it's supposed to be just the opposite. Sit Regina we make you happy. I am so happy that we think about you all the time. Yup We appreciate you and guess. What's a little brother was very very Sally knowing I saw those gummy bears he did. You know you'd be bashing hotel. No I'm not like you not like me a also we went on our everybody on retreat. And telling me about that Origina- Holy Shit was gummy bears chips. Let me go really really really got I. Ah You didn't go let you asked you. We had a whole. You had a whole other side of the news as much countless sessions Ma'am because I'm gonNA need one after this bombardment of this. He's like I gotta go. I gotta go with the Angelo. Yeah he's gotta go that's what he said he's a got to go to New York. But Not for the the Angelo Scott that does not have it sounded like a massage when Donald Trump. What about Buck Santa? Well he's doc about the fuck button. Pov Wow Regina what is there's you know massage from. Pov Somebody will get hurt. Katya EH Tommy. No but we need like some affects. No better give him of you now. We lead money..

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