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Is an inherent risk of corona virus infection quote by attending the rally you in any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to Cova Nineteen and agree not to hold. Donald J trump for President Inc box center ASM Global, or any of their affiliates, directors, officers employs agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury. That's how little regard this president holds his supporters. Forget about the people who don't like him. This is what he's doing to his supporters. They could get sick, so what as long as they're cheering me on? Our system is broken horribly so and you think it only started during the Bush during the. Floor, Freudian slip there during the trump administration. You're sorely mistaken and this hour we will. Relieve you of those notions. We're just going to get right to him I promised. You Governor Don. Siegelman and I'm thrilled that he joins me now. Hello Governor how you doing. I'm doing great Nicole. I could listen to you all day long. Thank you. It is both informative and I was smiling most of the time, because if if anybody does it believe that our democracy is being stolen just need to listen to your broadcast. I mean. How can the Treasury Secretary? Keep from the public how they're spending five billion dollars loads. Of our money and you know what this what this was. Brought up in the negotiations over the cares act that the that the the the businesses that received the P P P funds had to be disclosed, and they sorta just pushed it off, pushed it off, pushed it off. And and frankly a shame on me. I didn't follow it closely enough, but if I had I guess I would have seen that Steven. MNUCHIN never agreed to make that information public as has always been done in the past. Well let me let me I'm GonNa jump from here. Of back to beyond a Taylor and of the three police officers who? Shot and killed her. And the reason they're still walking on the street is covered in my book stealing our democracy and let me explain. Explain why this is. while. My Book is relevant to what has happened to George Floyd Eric Gardner. Trayvon Martin and so many others that have been killed before and sets. It is because. OUR OUR SYSTEM I grand jury system allows prosecutors to set. Cops who kill people free in the secrecy of a grand jury they could be no build by not presenting evidence to the grand jury that they're guilty, but by presenting evidence to the grand jury that makes the homicide look like is justified, and that's why we see so few. Police who have been involved in fatal shootings and innocent citizens convicted charged with anything and so. In my book stealing our democracy I talk about reforming our justice system. One of the key elements is to ensure that. Both targets have grand jury such as myself as I was back in two thousand and. Two, through eight or whatever it was Or the family members of victims such as beyond Taylor or Eric Gardner, or are George Floyd have the right to have a lawyer present in the grand jury as a check on truth now. Why do we need a check on truth? Because there is no judge president, it is a secret proceeding and the United States Supreme Court has given blanket immunity to prosecutors. To willfully and intentionally present false evidence or withhold exculpatory evidence to get an indictment or conviction. This up now in the in the Los Angeles Times on January the fourth, January the V, two thousand and ten the. Legal correspondent for the Times reported that. President. Obama's lawyer argued to the United States. Supreme Court yesterday January the fourth, thousand and ten that US. Citizens do not have a constitutional right not to be frame. Ahead we need to. We need to just stop on that for a second. Because that's one of the many things that I dog eared the page and highlighted in your book. President. Obama's Solicitor General. Made this argument that US citizens do not have the constitutional right not to be framed. It's also been embedded in congressional, actually federal towards claims which also limits gives gives prosecutors free hand to. Present evidence to get a conviction or to get an indictment, they they now let me. Let me say two things one. Elena Kagan. Had Her deputy. Make the argument and it was a legal it is. It wasn't as illegal fact. You as citizens can be framed, but the fact of the matter is. The solicitor. General did not have to take that position she could have. She could have taken position and said. You know this is the law today. Because of a nineteen seventy six court decision, but we're asking you to change that decision today. This this involves two black man who spent twenty five years in prison for a crime. They didn't commit. They were suing for monetary damages now. Let me take you one step further into the legal minutia and I'll get out of it. This is I. But in a legal in a civil civil deposition, where monetary damages are. Lawyers from both sides having opportunity to act to evidence that the other side seeks to introduce. Or testimony and a judge decides whether or not it can be introduced well. That's where money is involved, but. Shouldn't we have that same legal protection? Where someone's life and liberty is at stake? Yeah, the yeah, so. That's one of the recommendations making my book, but if anybody needs proof. That! Our, democracy that our democracy is they don't believe that our democracy is being stolen. You know look at what's going on today here. You Have Donald Trump, calling in the military to go out and and. Gas protesters because he wants to have a photo or you know. Bill Bar has made so many decisions that underscore that the Department of Justice can be politicized or can be weaponized of. To a presidents will and we've simply got to..

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