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And and the the idea of a podcast, and I won't do well on this because we have talked about this on the show before. But we were told by many people that we should not do a podcast because there were too many MAC podcasts in anything could be said it was already being said. And and I I really glad that we got that feedback to begin with because then we took months to to plan. What MAC power users would become MacWorld was in January. Now was that that sounds about right? Yeah. It was in January back in those days. It was. Always in January. Yeah early. We didn't launch the show at least until may maybe it was January two thousand nine where we met. I don't know. But we I don't think we launched much the show until may. And so we took a lot of time to and we brainstormed I I remember having we had an Omni of out. I'm the outline or document that we were sending back and forth brainstorming popular segments. And I remember our one of our first rules is anytime we said, I I want to do something like insert name of podcast here through it it immediately became a non starter. Right. But it worked, and it's just been a wonderful nine and a half years making power users with you, right? And I think the thing that was so surprising to us is that when we when we launched the show episode one, which we ended up talking for three hours about E mail. So we very wisely. Decided if we if we release a three hour episode for our first episode we're going to turn everybody off. So we ended up splitting it in half. And so the episode was part one. Was now and a half part two is an hour and a half and people still listen to our shows are famously right around. They always seem to hit the right about the hour and a half, Mark. We released the episode, and it was pretty popular for for like a a one off podcast the first podcast to be released. I I was watching the download numbers. The first time we released it. And I I was stunned at how many people actually listen to it. I mean, I won't say that was an overnight hit. But it was it was a number that you would look at it. And be like, okay. Well, maybe we can maybe this is a fluke. Maybe just all of our friends sent us people. And they downloaded the first episode, but then people continue to listen. So we kind of did it. I think it's a good idea. I still think amac power uses a great idea show that tries to focus on the substance over noise. And we still try to deliver that I mean between the guests and the content shows I hope that we continue to do that. That's always my first question. When I meet somebody is listening for a long time. Are you still getting good stuff out of the show?.

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