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Buy in from the Norwegian government but always low has nixed the idea the study found there simply wouldn't be enough cargo to warrant the cost that's done little to dampen Rafael sins in through CAS some born and bred in cure can miss the balding square shouldered bear is a Die Hard booster of his town so he started looking elsewhere for investors I have promoted it says a lot in China and the Chinese has been here to look at the possibility there are interesting to see if this is possible Rafael sent his visited China Sir full times to meet with government officials and businessmen is municipalities signed a friendship agreement with the Chinese city of Harbin this year the annual winter festival was called Kirkenes the world's northernmost Chinatown the town was festooned with red lanterns and the Chinese ambassador paid a visit but Rafael sin says not everyone in town was happy with the festival scene I agree the other thing that you're just sort of the Chinese civil and that but it's a engage people that's that's the best Rafael since hopes to create a logistical hub has backing from some businessmen in the area but Thomas Nilsson who covers arctic issues for the independent Behrens observer an online newspaper says he doesn't see Kirkenes is being the new Singapore Norway is one of the biggest shipping nations in the world and not even our shipping companies are looking to ridiculous to her invest them harbors mark Klein taint and associate professor of political science at Norway's university of trom so doesn't thing Rafael since plan is too far fetched he says China has identified the arctic is an area of growing economic importance and wants to create a so called polar Silk Road by developing shipping lanes and investment opportunities across the arctic China has really starting to open to the possibility expanded shipping throughout the arctic and it really shows that China wants to be taken seriously as an arctic player China is already sailing ships through arctic waters Rafael some believe it's only a matter of time before will want to be involved in a logistical hub Jackie north some NPR news Kirkenes you're listening to morning edition on KCRW after ten years hosting I wanted this collection to the commemorative just looking back at all of the great work that we do and will continue to do in the studios of KCRW and due to overwhelming response were morning comes a collective live for one final release on Blu transparent vinyl gets KCRW dot com slash joins I had a morning edition twenty nineteen sorry kinder gentler reality TV and both the US and the UK some say it's a response to a nasty politics and nasty all reality TV and the department of agriculture will have the details on November farm prices this afternoon they have been low for years and trade war terrorists haven't helped some of those traits changes appear to be easing but will prices bounce back next year those stories coming up on morning edition it's easy to look back and remember the heavy news you heard in twenty nineteen.

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