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To the one zero five westbound little tight as crews worked to clear an accident from lanes you've got work still in commerce seven ten northbound from atlantic vandini to the five in the three left lanes and in long beach ninety one eastbound the connectors to the seven ten bus north and southbound shutdown there's also working three dose on the ninety one westbound six so five taking up the four right lanes usually at this time of the morning they move the cones and they give you back elaine there so just watch out may have to stop traffic to do that crash with a big rig in industry sixty eastbound past fairway actively there over to the right shoulder so a little bit of good news shouldn't cost you too much of a delay and i had a call from a tipster about a big rig over the side on the five northbound at the rest area before oceanside chp they're now they're working on it and hopefully they'll get back up on the roadway that that could cause a delay this morning you've got a work going on and rupa valley with crash that's on the sixty eastbound rubio offramp car whatever the right shoulder embankment there so that could be a little bit of an attention getter cone still out in grand terrace to fifteen northbound four barton road taking up the three right lanes in the kahan pass on the fifteen northbound from the one thirty eight to oak hill three left lanes are shut down and there's work continuing in pasadena to ten eastbound from out into the one thirty four in the two right lanes connectors to the one thousand four westbound onto ten eastbound they're closed through the tunnels westbound on the two ten from lake to fair oaks three right lanes are shut down your next report.

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