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Is the new home of a $17 billion chip making plan. But Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel likes their odds. The city and county have offered Samsung and 90% tax rebate over the 1st 10 years. Anger, Evil, says the chips that would be made there very much needed right now it goes into ventilators. He goes in the hospital equipment. It goes into our school for the tablets that her kids use. He says The economic impact would be staggering. With revenue estimates from the construction alone between 607 $100 million. The four priority homeless camps flagged by the city of Boston is being in dangerous locations have now been cleared out. A total of 147 people were moved through the homeless in Kampen Assistance Link Program. 119 remain in a shelter, only three have found long term housing. Three people have left voluntarily 22 have been kicked out. A lot of parents in the haze school district continue demanding that a mask mandate be imposed close to a dozen classrooms have been temporarily closed in the district. So far affected campuses include Buta Carpenter, Elm Grove, Negative, Tobias and Tom Green elementaries as well as Chapa Middle School. How did they have 96 degrees. I'm Patrick Osborne connect with us and news radio. Cable BJ dot com there live local and they're talking about the stories that matter to you Share your opinions with Mark and Melinda at 51283605 90. Now here are Mark and Melinda. Let's dive right into the Big one. And we're talking about President Biden. In his announcement that's going to be coming later this afternoon Melinda of a new plan for dealing with Covid 19. The biggest thing is a mandate for all federal employees to get vaccinated, and he is not going to give any kind of an opt out. If you agree to get tested every week, he wants everyone under the executive branch to get vaccinated. Yeah, Either you get vaccinated or you no longer work there or for the federal government in that capacity that you were working in, and I think this extends to he's looking at anyone that contracts With the federal government that he's making that requirement for them as well. And that covers a lot of companies that do business with the federal government. It will not apply to people who work for Congress or the federal court system. But we'll get more details this afternoon at four Austin time, and you caught the interview. We'll wait. Hold on. Hold on. Let's not skip over that part. You just said lightly. We'll get back to that in a minute. Okay? Unless you want to dive into that right now. Well, I just I want you to hear what Mark said. Congress doesn't have to do this. It's not a mandate for them. It's not a mandate for the federal court system. But it's a mandate for everyone else. Have big problems with that. I think a lot of people will Now, here's my guess on how they're going to justify that. Their order only applies to people under the executive branch. Congress and the federal courts are different branches of the government, so we're going to leave it up to them to deal with it. I think that's a cop out, but I predict that's how they'll justify it. Well, that may be how they justify it doesn't work for me either. Then you should probably should have gotten with those two branches and said, You all need to do this so that I can come out and make this mandate across the board knowing it's not going to sit well when you go Oh, but we have this little group of people. They don't have to do it. It's the whole healthcare thing with Congress all over again. And you have to have health care We don't have to. We don't have to follow by the rules that we set for you forgetting that those people are working for us. We're not working for them. Yeah, people correctly get upset when they perceive that it's not equal treatment under the law. And they're going to jump on this when they hear about that. So what we're hearing so far is his order will apply to the executive branch and any private companies that have contracts with the federal government. So you start thinking about the executive branch, all those law enforcement agencies. DEA, FBI etcetera Border Patrol. And then you go down the list. The U. S military will be included. They estimate it could be four million people. Fall under this vaccine mandate from President Biden. Well, what's interesting to me? I mean, maybe this is by design, there are still going to be individuals. That fall into those categories that are not going to get the vaccine. They would rather lose their job. Then get this vaccine And when you're talking about sectors like Our safety, border Patrol eyes, FBI, even though you know everyone's gonna unquestionable, Um, we we may be losing Individuals in those fields. What does that do for the safety? As a whole here in the nation, if we have less, I mean again. This may be by design because we know that progressives really would like to see less and less of that happening, But I don't feel comfortable with that. I don't feel comfortable if you have a We're already short staffed on Border patrol. But then if you have another I don't know. Even 100 or 200 Walk off the job for this. Yeah, And when you're talking about the border patrol. Not only are they overwhelmed on the southern border, but Biden is handing them the job of vetting the Afghan refugees. Nick Wrath thought is a former adviser for President Barack Obama. He tells The New York Times. This is a key moment for Biden. He ran on competence, bringing adults back into the room..

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