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Decisions aren't black and white. Think red and a 7 15 over to Dave Johnson. Wow, what just happened? That's the way this WNBA playoffs, where it's the best of three swept by Seattle. It happened to the mystics in 2018 and the WNBA finals happened this year first round after the 97 84 loss yesterday at coach by TiVo. I felt a little bit like 2018. That they were just a little bit better all the way around. We couldn't match the same production that they had. And that's part of our growing up a little bit. You could have as good a defense as you want. You still got to be able to score to and we weren't good enough tonight at either. And then we played like a great team. And the mystics had the best defense of the league. Now Natasha cloud led the mystics with 21. I'm tired of talking about past years, tired of 2018. I'm tired of 2019. Those years don't matter. The three of us will be here. And we're going to continue to build and get better. And we're going to be home in the off season with each other. And that I can promise you we're going to be better because of that. The cloud talking about going forward the line of delo done, Ariel Atkins. And Baltimore saw a great headline autographs, hill slides and hat swaps. We're talking about the little league classic. That's where the Orioles were playing last night in Williams port Pennsylvania, and they also took care of business 5 three one of the Red Sox, Jorge Mateo bases loaded double, cleared the bases in the 8th inning to lift him to victory. Speaking of the solid outings, dean Kramer had one for the Orioles. Yesterday Patrick Corbin, he worked in the 6th for the nationals, but the Padres win the game two to one. Ravens went over the Cardinals last, I preseason football, but the next step, what about Lamar Jackson's contract? Dave Johnson. Sports

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