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Then we knocked out first and then the rest of it was all the mortgage are one hundred fifty hundred and forty or so about that. Yeah all right cool. What's the house worth? Think we could sell for about two eighty right now and it's yours baby boomers I. I love it. How long you guys been married for thirteen years? Have you ever been debt free while you were married now. No not even close. I love it very good. Very good man. This feel great. I mean you've gotta be just your free. You don't even own your house. It's pretty exciting. Count Surreal isn't it is so surreal as fun. It just feel light as a feather. Yeah it's something else man. I'm so proud for y'all good job so so tell me what happened. Four years ago they put you on this journey. Well we were struggling. We're just living paycheck to paycheck and make a pretty good money. We're pretty happy with what we were making. But then we're doing our taxes and things like that where where's all the money going. Yeah and it was getting to the point. Where on Tuesdays and Wednesdays leading up to my payday can you go? Hey don't spend any money till Friday and that obviously arguments. Because I'm like well we have money coming in why. Why can't I go to lunch at work? This week Because we don't have any money Mike don't don't spend any money we're done and it was just a lot of tension and everything we were doing trying to figure it out ourselves and fix. It just wasn't didn't work and it was like quicksand. We're going backwards backwards backwards. Every great idea I had back then was not a great idea and we went to a good friend of ours wedding and it was one of those weddings where we know them. But we don't really know anybody else so we're sitting at one of those assigned seats tables on one side of us is a couple and another side of a financial show adviser and God bless the guy who's sitting next to us he's like well. I'm broke I could use a financial adviser and then we're just kind of sitting in the middle going interesting conversation station. Just keep our mouths shut and so they're talking about money and a couple of different things in the broke. Ice Wife has said we've been doing the right Daveramsey plan that's been really working and for us and then later in the conversation they said something about mortgage debt. And that's when I decided to open my mouth because I thought it was smart guy at the table which I wasn't gonNA said Well you're always gonNA have a mortgage and then his wife looked at me and I'll never forget the way she looked. I mean she was Dave Ramsey. Says you won't. I'd never even heard your name flippers. Flippers Daveramsey right. So that night when we got home from that wedding I got the total money makeover and read that book so fast. It's festive ever read a book in my life as Katie to read it and then we were off to the races at that point. It was like clarity like wash over us like this is what we have to do. Deliver alive so. How fast did you knock off the seventy the consumer debt about sixteen months? That's what I thought. Yeah okay very cool and then wreck. You broke records on the house. Yeah Yeah We. We bought our house pretty smart. We didn't have any. We're pretty good in it and then we got done with baby step three. We're looking at four or five and six and we're just trucking along on four or five six enjoying it and then Katie's like hey we gotta stay Gazelle intense. We have to get this house done. Can't live in a life where we're just gonNA talk about it. We got it. Do do in our behaviors were in place from knocking out. The sixteen to eighteen months will do muscle built up to be able to do it. And so you just leaned in and knocked it Out Yeah so we were game on time anything. That would bring an extra money. We're doing. That's impressive very weekend. So so really. Did the house about two and a half years from the time you knocked out the other. Yeah yeah that's very that's highly. That's very fast. The typicals about seven years just Italia so excellent. Well done so outside of the two who of you. Who are your biggest cheerleaders so our parents were really big cheerleaders? We had a couple of groups of friends that were really big cheerleaders. And they didn't. It didn't necessarily understand exactly what we were doing but they were supportive. So you know that really helped in our journey we have some good friends friends who may not be on the plan but they understand if you're going to hang out with us we're GonNa Cook at home or we're going to play EUCHRE. WE'RE NOT GONNA go out to dinner and I really. I knew you're GONNA ask question. I really feel like that's like the support we're looking for through that. They just really helped us stay on process. Absolutely that's very very cool. Good very good. So what do you tell people the key I mean you guys are how old are you. I'm thirty six. I'm thirty nine and you have a paid for house. We I mean you're officially. Yeah that's just so cool so doormat in front of our paid off house. That says weird people live here and nobody knows what it means that we're day Ramsey guy. That's perfect so what do you tell people the key to getting out of debt is it's a couple of different things in number one thinks teamwork the number one call that I hear on your podcast. That just breaks my heart is how do I get my spouse onboard. And it's just a blessing from God that Katie's been on board with this from the very beginning and I mean she says about you see is my accountability partner and I'm hers. You know in this journey you WanNa struggle and you WanNa buy stuff and sometimes I'm a guy and you know I might not even know it existed five minutes ago but now I have to have it. Yeah I'll definitely and that's where a wife comes in handy where hey we're not buying that ticket cold shower. Wait a week if you still want. Maybe we'll talk about putting in the House has done but move on Mike. We're getting done and and vice versa there so that and The envelope system and a budget. You know you gotta be on the budget. The budget is is the law and if we wrote it in the budget and we wrote aggressive budgets we were gonna hit that budget no matter what it is and like at the beginning of this. I had a really nice gun collection and I was big gun collector and going into Dave Ramsey plan. I'm like all right. We'll get rid of everything. I'll be super aggressive. Just don't touch the guns. Yeah there's no contracting uh-huh and we were three months from being done with the House and we're going to be two hundred dollars under budget and I had a glock. It was the first gun I ever bought. And it's very important to me But hidden that budget that month and not missing by two hundred dollars way more important to me with three months left so got rid of it and we did that so we would hit our number if we wrote it it was the law we had to do it. Well the good news is you. Don't have any payments so you can buy guns. Life is good good. What happened to me? I bought a few way way to go man. Congratulations you guys very cool. Katie what do you tell people the key to getting out of debt is definitely to have your spouse on board I well admits that I was a little hesitant. At first I cried our first couple budget meetings. They thought he was taking everything from me. Then I learned that I didn't really need all that stuff. So Yeah it's getting your spouse onboard and being on the same page so but eventually by the third budget meeting you had a vote. I did later on you. Start taking stuff away from him. turnabouts fair play right so this is the way it's supposed to be right there. Well done you guys and the young men are what are your so your your sons are what age names this is Matt. He's eleven And this is landry. And he's eight. Okay so our were they involved. They know what's going on definitely that very much so I know mom and dad pay changed their family tree yes there's never going back now. I mean this is generational change. Yeah well done aright. Count it down you guys Michael. Katie Matt and Landry Columbus Ohio. Two hundred twenty seven.

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