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Of these so great that you're here Sir Tom hunter I just want to speak on behalf of N. B. C. who's absolutely one of the wars I just want to I couldn't be happier for you and your family and I I know you don't know anything about energy and I know it's an energy company but I I think they made a great deal hunter I want to see hunter S. is right you know nothing about energy you know nothing about you know nothing about anything frankly hunter here a loser and so he says that and right on cue sleepy eyes Chuck Todd came out to defend hunter Biden yep this was a great example of Donald Trump just calling his shot here this Chuck Todd says we can't believe that the president would say anything like this we're not going to play the clip we can't because we can't in good conscience do it we are going further we've ever gone before to say we're gonna play the sound we are going to repeat the president's vicious attacks I'm honored by the president I'd states stood in front of a crowd of supporters and character assassinated man whatever you might think of his decisions he's not a public figure isn't running for office it is not a campaign circuit I mean shut up I mean he just did Donald Trump junior was up to the shenanigans do you suppose Chuck Todd would feel the same way I don't any there's anybody else with an ounce of brains of course he would I mean I don't know if it's true he's not on the campaign trail that's not on the questions that has been asked like where is hunter with all of this and why isn't anybody actually holding Joe's feet to the fire on this stuff just to get that because if it is if there is an innocent explanation then give the explanation right there hasn't been one though it's just been Joe you know old man shouting at the guy at the at the clouds so far and so anyway check Todd went on here is not even on the campaign trail and he isn't and anyway asking for this attention office what we are going to tell you that the presence of tax hold on a second that's an interesting new standard for the media you only report on people if they're asking for the attention we've got a board of asking for it that all five of us agree they're asking for that much well that that's an interesting okay okay so lame you can only report on people if they ask to be reported Oregon yes gotcha isn't it anyway asking for this attention obviously we are going to tell you that the presence attack and hunter Biden is remarkable and it's news worth we can't in good conscience amplify those attacks tell you that it happened and it seemed to cross the line another line across the lower teeth it's solvable hasn't learned anything I mean I I if hunter Biden was a wealthy businessman on his own never I don't know flew on airforce two with his dad or cutting a big deal never was involved in a business in a country that I mean the vice president his dad just so happen to be working with at the time when he started making a lot of money I would agree okay heat let's say let's say he made a lot of money in the U. K. and there was just the insinuation that maybe he said Hey you know on a Biden it's the fact that he was with his dad who was vice president at the time on different trips with different conversations happening internationally that's what does make it newsworthy and it's crazy you have these so called gatekeepers of democracy again today are freaking out over a meme that Donald Trump didn't even create they're freaking out over that today but hunter Biden off limits yes this standards just keep changing everyday don't say I I yes they do I don't even know what they are anymore Hey wait till bite also had quite the statement on the weekend because he seems to relish the fact that he was involved in this impeachment inquiry here's what the here's what the former vice president had to say I may be the last guy that publicly call for impeachment but I'm the only reason there is a future gonna because this this president has written extensively about how the pros are democracies limited steak it's not a joke his most corrupt administration in modern American history maybe ever but in modern American history I like that he's taking credit for Donald trumps well not impeachment yet the impeachment inquiry which is weird because at best you saying his own possible corruption is what started the impeachment inquiry I don't know if that's something to brag about also by the way we're gonna make that claim and tell us how it is that way Joe yeah because I mean given that this whistleblower had a working relationship with Joe Biden that's the story that come out the last few days and is quite the statement to make if it weren't for the shady dealings I was having with the Ukraine none of this ever happens Holly and ME like Hillary Clinton on saying you know ever since my email scandal people have taken cyber security very seriously if it weren't for me he he'd be hacked right a left right now I would get two different story though completely switching gears completely away from politics got I haven't heard this yet but you're telling me about siblings being mad about their brothers fatal shooting yeah a couple of siblings outrage the shooting death of their brother and employee at the Dayton Ohio dollar general gunned him down tragically twenty three year old Roosevelt rapidly was fired upon inside the store twenty two hundred block of north Gettysburg Avenue right there in Dayton Ohio the siblings Rochelle and tone a rapidly our fear yes you can understand that their brother was shot and killed yeah we're shell told the the local channel seven there the worker had no business having a gun on site to start with let alone fatally targeting your brother now I mention this because the brother walked into the dollar general pulled a gun on the clerk give me your money clerk reaches down pulled his own gun out and shooting kills him yeah it's self defense it is self defense do we have the news report of that we do actually the the role that I.

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