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And you know, I talked about the organizations when it comes to the reprogramming and adoption adopting and reprogramming of the retired racehorse. They can't lot of people that, you know, they don't even know these organizations exist, and then you get a little kid walks up here. And he's more than one is that all my my horse. It was a retired race horse. And I got her I'm turning for home. And that's great. I give me the name. I I might have written that horse way before you wrote them. They'll give your name every once in a while to be something. I mean that pops up. Yeah. I remember that horse. I didn't ride 'em. But I raised again and the kids they get such a kick out of that thrill. You know, but people don't even realize the Oregon is Asians that do these things to to save and make sure that these horses have another job after the racing career people don't even know these organizations exist, and it's so important to let them know about the organization, but some little kid walked up to me. I bet you it at a park two years ago. And now I have a horse race. And and it raised it parks, and it's retired. And I got it. And he says, so I wrote a paper on my homework assignment about Tony black and a racehorse that I ride, and I got see I've made it into somebody's homework. And he says I'm going to send you the the paper that. I wrote 'cause I got an A on it or an excellent Marco. And whatever you real good Mark in send me the paper. I says a be interested in reading hanging up in the jocks Rome at park. No of. Tony I go to save a follow up conversation from the hall of fame for a little bit down the road. I wanna get actually we'll work on that off air. And then then do it have discussion. So I'll save that one. But I absolutely wanted to swing through and catch up with you after your experience in Harrisburg. And I appreciate it. As always always appreciate what you do. And you you do what we need to have more people doing this keep up the good work. And thanks for everything you do. And thanks again. The the time you give me to not at all really express myself. Everybody loves here from Tony. Tony black everybody. And we'll catch up with Tony next week right now the bottom of the hour ninety and ninety to come Steve asking joins us. And we'll talk to Steve we'll get some thoughts from him about the weekend. Action gun metal grey and the miscue by Coliseum in the sham and see what he thought of me hopes stepping forward for Jimmy jerkins that other horse by the way that we talked about with Don little junior comes back. Runs in the the maintenance special today as part of the. The pick five carry over the pick sex second leg of the pick six the fourth race. That was midst. Mayenne teed Z the three horse. But boy that that I mentioned earlier that group. It was part of this pick six and pick five carryover, very tough. Brian Lynch has got to orces either one looks like they'll be a little bit tighter after comeback races. I ONA Moby into a hot spot. My own a movie gets the the bug boy gets raylucia, get yeras master distiller for sack more and harass depaz. So the pasta has for those that weren't shirt pasta has horses for sagamore. Then there's the Stephen Lister brings get your mind. Right. But. The form is based on Tampa. Last winter has been away a long time eight the five..

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