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We discuss superhero movies under the sun. We are hoping and praying. That child's might be joining us on our next episode. We'll be discussing this suicide squad. Hopefully he will be a part of that will crossing on things and seeing what happens there and also myself the wonderful sprouse and of course rachel friends do course host gold standard the podcast where we discuss all the best picture winners in chronic logical order from ninety seven wings to the present day. We actually finished discussing the bridge on the river. Kwai and coming up next week discussing jisi so i guess we'll see if thank heavens for the girls or not so much. I guess we'll see when it comes to that thoroughly talker crew gets older everything boys but never sing that song. We'll have honestly you think of the peter sellars version when he's singing that in better. Well no no no not really making that song better. I don't want to remember from jeez. You probably remember i remember. It's well or other sons but lots thank heavens belittle. Goes something when you do baby. It's cold outside but you switch the voices. It's a little better right so making this. This song needs to be buried in mount doom excitement. Yeah i agree and also of course you can find myself on the wonderful charles. Skaggs at discussing superhero. Tv shows him. And i hear wrapped up lewke on costa phantom zone had a wonderful time dragnets and i of course him and i will be switching to tighten to the titans. Podcasts discussing the upcoming season. Three of titans. And i'm very excited about that. Bush so i guess that's pretty much me awesome and say where can they find you. Well like nick said within reach a friend. Doing gold standard. The oscars podcast. And when we're not in good for us. Charles we are in the drunk cinema theatre discussing some of our favorite movies with some of our favorite adult.

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