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Yossi you actually find it's not that bad it's just like a little bit of tightness in our body and we overreact with the story it's like oh my god horrible thing happening now she's like a little tightness in your race extends pretty tight but it's nothing horrible like your chest beulah constricted oh my god it's panic thai hacked gatt panic attack heart attack i must be out so if you can learn to stay with that for a little while and that's actually a hard thing to do but if you can learn to stay with it you actually realize it's not that horrible in we've been running for nothing and we've been blowing it up for nothing and you actually learn some trust that actually you can handle this feeling after while you're like oh okay i know this feeling and actually friends with it i've mentioned this before but you can actually welcome this feeling into you which is completely a win eighty from what most of us do we share i want this feeling to stop i wanna get away from it but instead you're like i'm actually get invited in like a good friend into your house that transforms the feeling to like something that you don't want to something that year like saying let's let's have t together or at least you've accepted at riot it's you're not shas resisting it the whole time or avoiding like i've been wanting to think about it right i hate those cliches from selfhelp like what we resist persists i mean those are never universally true that is sound good but in this case i think there's a trait well yeah yeah because if you're trying to run from something you build that that mystique around that crappy feeling in that narrative it ends up haunting you quite literally we get auto trapped in those and what happens it also affects our external actions so i have all these feelings i procrastinate with a writing but if i am also feeling like anxiety or frustration might lash out at my wife or my kids or people i work with let's have not as undesirable bright as not helpful so.

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