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The paycheck this is making a big difference thus making a big deal in minnesota second district where congressman jason lewis is from he he just toured a home depot and was talking to some of the employs at home depot without the impact of the the tax reform on their on them and they were excited about increase paychex they were excited about being able to pay in save for their mortgages college tuition it is really make an impact for them in their pocket books so despite the outoftouch rhetoric that we're hearing from the defeated defenders of the status quo this isn't armageddon it isn't crumbs and it is a pathetic it's real relief for hardworking men and women that this country has been seeking the the tax cuts in the job zak whether it was really an opportunity for the democrats to join us in delivering bigger paychex to the american people and as they struggled to explain why didn't support this overhaul longoverdue overhaul of a broken tax code arthaud his continues to be on a better future for all americans in families this week will also consider the born alive abortion survivors protection act this is about kids ages that are born alive is historically receive bipartisan support and i'm excited helped welcome family that a traveled from eastern washington for the 45th annual march for life were also continuing discussions on government funding a sixyear reauthorization of chips and ensuring alarm it in women serving on the frontlines at this very moment have the resources that they need as the threats continue these are really our most basic and fundamental responsibility so we have serving in the house and i call upon the democrats to stop the of obstruction stop the danes join us getting done without a alternate over to congressman lewis kathy in welcome i am congressman jason lewis minnesota two and it is wonderful to be here to talk about the single most important thing happening right now in america but enough about the minnesota vikings in the playoff game on sunday let's talk a little bit about tax reform you know we are history on our side untaxed when you look at the 20s in the '60s in the.

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