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When you're saying what happens in other countries versus what happened here we don't even think it's going to be as bad as it was in other countries March second entity what was I saying I interviewed found she January twenty seventh I interviewed him I had a doctor panel on the twenty eighth I was talking and all through late January and early February about a symptomatic people walking all over the place shedding the virus is bad said it right down and they tied you know Hannity called a hoax no I never did and I have a timeline with the video and audio available but moving away a little bit from hydroxy corporate but the French president met with the guy the doctor a professor right you'll choose the the guy that did the thousand person test there that is good news it's sort of a non issue for me because I think the definitive statement on hydroxy Cork with not being dangerous came from dot Daniel Wallace Dr Daniel Wallace Dr oz interviewed him on his show and he joins us now let me first before I get into I think testing being the answer to getting the country up and open again us even big cities like New York you know you have this intersection of politics and medicine and I don't think it's good for doctors at all in other words I if if I was gonna say in a particular way I think that it's you know what I think the key thing are you concerned about science being politicized because I am without question and it I mean I've been my whole career I've never quite seen it like this I mean I you this is the world you traveling within medicine look we beat each other up we have mortality morbidity conferences where we just go at each other and we're thoughtful about our criticism but we're pointed in it because people die when we make mistakes but a lot of times in this current debate it's not based on facts it's I heard that it's dangerous you heard that it's dangerous the other person told me was dangers here say begins to dominate and folks don't appreciate that when a lot of patients come DSA had heard this really dangerous or the opposite it actually undermines this precious covenant that doctors and patients have it also chills the debate that doctors post I I'm I see people argue with each other about what their perspectives are politically and then the arguments about the signs follow that perverts the foundation of this process and it doesn't serve a public that is already confused desperately needing help and no one's claiming they have all the answers there's a ton of covert solutions out there dozens of them many promising some of them you sort of have a distal work others you don't but we should be laser focused on getting answers and when we don't know for sure what's your best guess because that's what medicines about inadequate data is almost president they in the decision almost always you can make a decision about legal left you go right based on completely inadequate information sometimes is good generally it's not you know look I gotta give you credit because you went out of your way there were two tests done and and France and the more recent one included a thousand people and Dr I I don't know if I'm pronouncing his name right right all but believe unless you want to correct me I have no problem with that I'm at but you know more importantly you know when I read the letter sent to the FTA the FTA by Dr Daniel Wallace I mean this guy is spend it do you inherited the largest lupus practice in the U. S. has two thousand patients under his care now most have and are taking H. C. Q. he's authored foreigner peer reviewed papers written the principal lupus textbook past chair of the lupus foundation of America rheumatology research foundation an American college of rheumatology and he says quote H. C. Q. or plaque when old same thing this is a very safe drug it's been given to tens of millions of individuals in the world since its approval sixty five years ago in nineteen fifty five and a seven forty two years of practice no patient of mine has ever been hospitalized for it H. C. Q. complication and then he said the risk of taking the dose that we are talking about to deal with covert nineteen for thirty or sixty days which nobody's prescribing is nil unless you have a rash or an upset stomach and then I turn on the TV and I see you know Dr wolf Blitzer a doctor Humpty Dumpty saying it's dangerous and reckless arm why would I listen to them when this is the these are the foremost experts in morality in the case of the guy in France and here in the United States at cedars Sinai in Los Angeles because in America as you know either watching Hannity are you watching whatever the competition is on and then and so you get the NET version of medical school or you get to see inversion medical school and the challenge for positions is if you understood what doctor Wallace says then you understand that there's always a risk but it's a manageable risk and a doctor thoughtful position does your story can prescribe it and you're probably gonna be okay if you're watching someone who doesn't want to drug workers the Rudy against the person said it was good they're all of a sudden you're hearing a test scenario what makes you think I'm I don't know what I'm not going to ask my doctor and as soon as it comes out of his mouth I'm going to say now and I'm saying this because I'm having positions right me stories I had a great group Britney that they have a hundred patients to cardiology group they say they were webserver in patients on the treatment they're not balloting for the treatment they're just saying is specialists in the field of a written as you read the heart beats they haven't witnessed any problems that would have been predicted be an issue still not and nor should argue that is not a problem it's is it a relevant problem isn't enough of an issue that should be a meaningful deterrent you're trying if your doctor says it that's it and and if you interfere with the doctor's advice to you thank you that there's some ramifications of that and I think what folks understandably could be critical of the president or or did they have a political bias that shouldn't make them biased against the site it was anything today because rolled this be a pick up very well known French doctors controversial but like a lot of big thinkers Meeks described dented giant viruses I mean he discovered the right he's the you know you can be reached at one of the best solution to it he's he's really done some remarkable work and I think he's published any particles two thousand papers and in the course of that you make some enemies to doing a lot of things but the French premier micro met with him for I understand three and a half hours today so I did doesn't mean he's endorsing this guy but in fairness to the leadership of France they decided to meet with his fellow because he what he's doing now he's up to two thousand patients he's only tabulated data on a thousand usually published in eighty so we can wait for the rest of it the acro he also by the way so he hasn't had any major complications in the NE as I mentioned is a pretty pretty confident I'm self he stopped at the idea of a major complication issue he ceci cagey about what everybody something he's out you know a guy was we would know by now if they were H. C. Q. complications and of any kind we would now because it's being used all over the world I don't want to waste all of our time though on this because but that is all important so I said I want to be very precise in my language because people are just in awe of this world I live in the matter what you say they want to destroy you I want America to open up we can't afford this we can't you you it said to me it's not a question if there's going to be a rebound there will be now the question is how do we open up the country how do we do open it up precisely safely so that people don't contract us now as I said in the beginning of the show and I said it last night it's certainly more do a bowl probably areas of the country can but now because of natural social distancing I think certain realities now we're going to change in the country like I the doctor felt she said no more hand shaking yeah that's probably our future I think for the interim time wild the potential rebounds happened people war where masked people will be wearing gloves the answer to me though is if you want to open up a city like New York we are going to need testing now abit innovative brilliant company they now have the five minute test that we've talked at length about I will go through it again the HHS is has purchased twelve hundred of the if every building in New York and they're going to have two hundred I'm sorry two million doses a month that they'll be producing they set to to two million test that they expect to have online a month the question is if you want to open up New York City I think the only way you're going to do it it's going to be partially some people still work from home it's going to be gloves and masks about but there's also going to be in every building if they could buy the task and you know Roland with total anonymity patient privacy very important protecting people's privacy civil rights civil liberties but we want to get in the building you have to go through the testing process you'll get results that that your role in X. number employees ascential workers go when other workers work from home I think you can open the city up what I can't figure out is how do you open up a restaurant how do you open up the airlines take it from there writer Pablo you tell me you're right let's just look at places where it's happened to be not to reinvent the wheel so Germany has a much lower rate of mortality and surrounding countries and they have a widespread testing program just give us numbers they don't they don't plan anyway right now is to happen million tests a week did eighty million people in Germany so that's let's see that one fifth the population of us right and toward yeah so you just take that sort of it is a rough number ten or one fourth the publish was used to make the math easier than we should be doing about two million tests a week and we've got a total so far in America over the course of this illness up two point three million so we're doing a lot of testing but we're talking about a meaningful increase than Germany have this model hammer and dance what that means is you hammer the problems when they happened before they get too big for the sake welcome all right but it works you hammer down any dance for a while right so the hemorrhage aggressive measures our savvy social distancing if required shutting down a certain districts but not the whole country followed by a little dance which is that what you calibrate them them the effect of what you've done and have you change the transmission rate and you go back and forth that's gonna be the hammer dancing here that we're using now they're looking at something we will not tolerate America and its controversial because we're with the Germans to word in there the lip through **** Germany in the to the stars in East Germany they are super sensitive to his secret police and information fresh in their minds so the government this despite that still looking at tracking tools I'm mark I think that technology can help was a different way there's some really clever ideas temperature checking I was an idea that are working on right now you know a lot of patients who have called the nineteen loser center smell right they can't smell the can't taste I replied I'm listening yeah right so that we can check that a three quarters I mean I don't have to actually do anything all day today so I can quickly just check if your case is the same your devices that are being looked at now I I just got one that I'm playing with I decide this information somebody keep pursuing it but imagine if it's not just a state of finger stick or nasal stashed what maybe there are other ways for us to do high level high population screening test because I'm assuming people want to be told if they're sick so with that assumption that are hiding from us we're actually looking for ways of helping them so we didn't want to put one in every building because people may not be comfortable going into a building under the building looked sick people coming in there but you can imagine street corners take advantage of some of the shops have been vacated because the bankruptcies think of it as a space public areas where you can't get a read to see music all right and then put places in there you know that if you're a five block radius that Manhattan you just run over there real quick no appointment get tested results back in five minutes and then walk out that we we have enough sheen speaking good enough strips we can you can check your nose we can check your your mouth first taste you can check your temperature just quick screening and then if you're positive that we can take it to the next level but we have to be willing as a society to do the follow up and that's going to require.

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