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And i i the good news. Is i really truly believe that talented. The bad news as its sole bad right. Now it's going to take a while chris. Albright in the chat asks matt sterling. Patrick do you think we should give spags. His walking papers after this year and let brandon daily come and takeover. Bring some pat's d. To this team. I got to supervise and was a huge reason. They won the won. They want like i get it. Look man brian. I get it. It's frustrating the lost. Is these ignore. Got his walking papers. It'd be ten teams trying to hire them tomorrow. He's a really good coordinator man he is. I grew up in new york. I watched the giants needed a coordinator. There he was excellent there too. He's he's won two super bowls as as a coordinator. He's one scott. Four of them as an assistant coach. He's is it his best game tonight. I didn't like all the zone lack of aggression. But i would trust each time if you don't believe go. Watch title game. Last year. Josh allen with think he was looking at twenty defenders he'd no idea what to do with the ball so i get the frustration. Okay if you're old enough. And i'm assuming yard remember bob sutton. That's a man who needed okay. I was just going to say is almost it almost. It's almost halloween easter. That wasn't bob sutton in bags. Man i mean that is that was for years on and get that it's covered to man under with a four-man rush every single like he needs to be far three years for watch spags an excellent coordinator one of the top five french coordinators in the league. You had a bad game and frankly at some point kandar ninety. Get off a block. Kenji ron read get off a block. Like can't go out there and just play football for kim. Alex okafor understand what it is to set an edge. I mean it's not expect not coaching these guys to do this. Get off an edge. Get off the box at nejd. Do something i i. I don't think he was great tonight. But i don't put this on game but on the pliers feeling oko headstart audience say we're looking at it. Team is probably going fourteen in three or not cannon a guy for one loss against like mad said probably the hardest road test the entire year. You'd go through seven into coordinators. That was the case. I agree spags is fine. He can't look. I mean he can't block. He can't tackle the missed tackles. The arm tackles trying to take down. Lamar with arm tackles. It's it's not gonna work. I don't care Who you've got out there or who your defensive coordinator is you can't scheme that away. So let's talk about clyde ever allaire for a second. we're in your to.

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