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Heavy gunfire echoed through the streets of Culiacan Mexico home to the sinner lower drug cartel of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman government officials confirmed reports that the violence broke out between wall enforcement officers and heavily armed men who were trying to stop the arrest of El Chapo Son Ovidio Guzman on Lopez. The twenty eight year old was found inside a house during a routine patrol by the National Guard. It but others in the house fought back and reinforcements carried out other destructive acts including sitting vehicles and a gas station on fire. The fighting went on for hours. Terrorizing the community in the end authorities said they released videos mon to try to end the violence while El Chapo may be incarcerated in an American prison is organizations illegal. Activity reportedly is still being being carried out by family members including his sons. It seems the Mexican people are still caught in the crossfire. As government officials tried to end his reign of terror once and parole today and then they released like they had adam the that's what caused the firestorm then. They released him to try to stop it. None of that makes any sense. I don't really necessarily believe that they don't believe it. It just doesn't make sense to me if why when she believe it the arrested him right and then they. She said they started shooting at from the the house. I think what happened. Is they arrested him. And then they were like outgunned the cartel had outgun the police so the police game back it sounds like after he was arrested other members of his organization. His entourage then called in reinforcements from the cartel is I see a bunch of people showed up to where they had him detained a firefight sue and they were probably doing very well in that firefight so I think they let him go. Is that makes sense right right. There wasn't quite house reporter with that. Make sense and we have to inside edition for our news now. Well talking about that I it could have been on ABC. I don't I've had this discussion gushing with people before and you and I have discussed this before I'll take a little bit of responsibility there. I was in a time crunch. That was the first one I found. That was the right length. I wanted to get it up for you. I'm going to. I've had this discussion with people when I say this is not being reported and then someone finds something from MSNBC The Sunday morning go see. I'm not saying it hasn't been reported. I'm saying it's not being reported in covered. Well do you know the name. Jesse see small latte. He asks okay. Do you know the name Trayvon Martin. Okay isn't that because it was reported once in the back of the Dade County County Herald and then a no it made the round or once inside edition or one son inside it. I mean it got pushed out there enough that we heard about it enough I mean. There's hillary destroying emails on one side and there's trump Russian collusion on the other has been reported enough that everyone eventually gets is to it. I don't think there's such thing that you're being disingenuous when you go. I found it reported here and I found it reported there. I know but it's like it's like saying saying we advertised our movie. I don't know because you did one commercial. One time. That's not advertising of movie it has to be ongoing. You know onum saying absolutely so I would just by virtue of folks to my right and folks left not knowing what I'm talking about. Who are Lou you said and sober and watch the news and listen to the radio not knowing story? It's not getting out there. Yeah now the reason I speculate related gets into build that wall but the other part is kinda flies in the face of the these are hard working immigrants. It just went to come here and have a better alive sounds like a lot of scarface shit going on over there and a little last folks just looking for a better life now. There's plenty of folks looking for a better life saying a world where you're trying to craft narrative all the time shooting it out with the police for prolonged periods of time I'm and lawlessness. Don't help your narrative of hard working folk looking for a better life. That's all guess. Yeah I just I'm thinking about those. It was Caravans they used to come up. That were so heavily funded by somebody strangely. Well that was another weird set weird time and there's arguments where ever went on you know trump and everyone on the right was calling him caravans a crisis the border and then. CNN's Asia barely any couple ladies with their daughters. Like what's the big deal and they WANNA spin it one way and everyone was spin it the other way but at at the end it turned out to be a lot of people thousands of people and they were on and they had hospitals went with them and food services. And it was it was highly funded highly highly funded and then once they got near the they were given educational programs at how to work the system. Or do you think it's like George Soros something like that again. Another army went down there and went with the caravan. He reported back. They were on trains of people and water supplies. And you can't have three thousand people walk across a country without supplies right if they actually had a hospital with them that everything and all kinds of stuff to I get that that that means more votes. If you're a Democrat I get it but in a world where we're talking about automation and people being out of jobs and take a look at the black teen employment and stuff like that seemed like a great. I mean maybe it's good short term arm for votes but can it be good long-term to bring tons of unskilled people into society that's relying less and less S. on on unskilled labor and more automation. Seemed like this folks aren't GonNa have jobs right or they don't have jobs of other people when f jobs you you know the great Julio Chavez said who challenge ourselves as are who they are Cesar Chavez US great boxer but the Cesar Chavez yeah he was all against immigration. Like those guys are gonNA come over here. They're gonNA take our guys shops Mhm they're going to undercut us. He literally got his mobs together and they went out patrolling because his thing was like `I unionizing and looking after after my guys I don't WanNA bunch of guys coming over doing what they do for cheaper so the guy that guy who's a folk hero was deathly against that kind of illegal immigration because realize less work for his guys and we do the verifies companies. Can't get away with that. Be Be so easy it'd be nice. I'd like a little e verify. All right Sierra do we ever again the they do jobs. We that's part of the thing we're talking on a Monday. It's like hey they do jobs. Americans won't do. It's like you have see those old pictures of the guys in the coal all mine and stuff they all Mexicans like guys do everything here. There's always four people and if there's work for them to work that's it now you get you get their hourly wage up a little bit for me and undercut. That's would help the poor guy there. Yeah yeah yesterday. Yes Sierra thirty one Nashville. Hi Hi Guy I throw. Aw Hello so I have a question I'm newly married. We're planning to have kids or trying to have have a kid in the next few months and I would like my husband to quit marijuana for a while. 'cause I read like a really scary article about how it does anything as such so. I kind of wanted to get your opinion about it and say it doesn't work. It works against the fertility. So if you want to get pregnant soon. That's going to work against you. Is there anything is there edibles versus smoking versus versus anything else or anything. He does like DABS and like he hits like You know like he's he smokes at essentially it's not gonna be good how how often Like nightly and drew trenet to paint such a broad brush. About what the marijuana fertility. Yeah well I just yeah. That's what I'm talking about Tom. I'm only talking about same thing like I don't want my like the baby to get like influence like epigenetics or whatever how like by marijuana but the child is going to be an addict. No no drew. I'm like more thinking like I don't want to like have autism or like whatever because I read like some scary articles about how the marijuana whatever teach the hold on drew up. What would you rather the male smoke or the female L. Snail Mail? Okay thank you true you know how many fuck sticks I talked to. They're like neither I know I I understand. Thank you now mass. My question again this time please fucking answer it all right so the male Okay and and how long before attempting to have a baby. Would you like that mail to not smoke. I don't I don't know that it's going to have an effect on the baby at all But she seemed to be in a hurry to get pregnant. So I was saying for Tilleke can can be affected which it can. It checks it screws with sperm production. Matilde I've read rare articles that talk about orthopedic abnormalities. But I'm not sure I believe so and she read an article about autism ends really hasn't been proven so I'd like to see him. Stop for two to four weeks in order to Jack. Get the fertility. Goni wasn't during Motilal and mobility mobility refers to a swinging tail is Mo- tile Awesome would make you mobile ranks mobile. Yes he modal. In a moat wobble. Modal is different modus. Mo- tile and not uh-huh Modal is Emma O. D. A. L. which has to do with sort of mathematics. But what about mobile mobile means movable and how can we get rid of Mo tile and replace it with mobile bitten. Mobile can be something that is moved. Motel moves itself. Oh Oh God the fancy school and crazy. Hey see genius by the way thank you buddy lazier genius yeah hey fine and The WHO's famous song going motel..

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