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Hot a lot of this looks cool you wouldn't want to be them which skin exposed if it was the desert anyway because you would just be fried all right but they don't have the brain capacity to figure that out hunting magic of the rat cunning if i'm hungry all just hide and steal food out of your cups succo is like can you tell them you didn't find me ingles like hey you know you've fucking gotta pay your favorite of the dawn he's like great with his eyes crossed yeah that's mickey rooney witches have the ring and they're watching all the shit and they're getting ready for them at the pyramid and so the enter the the us soko's like cart like his hey cart to just like hide and enter the town and then the pop out at the pyramid go into a staple for action movies right this cart yeah prince the only other one i can pull but i feel that a lot now cards and all those so this is great where they're in the pyramid and just like all these spiked hands come out of these greats and they try to get each master climb trying to jerk him off the jerk this is a weird moment 'cause this is this is briefly where the movie becomes american gladiators so he gets a cross all the hand stop she's just go to walk do it it's a bad idea and he closes off and there happens to be a lever that shuts off even more into the prison that's our first real hardcore close up when he goes to pull the lever down which is total of four inches of movement they zoom in on his bicep and he's like all right got it lets you it is funny because the height that he has to crawl over them is not that high it's like five and a half feet sixty two they do a wide shot of just like he's like like underneath the ground more or less there at the ground is at their chest and they're reaching up as high as they can and he's climbing over them so that's four feet he could probably run it and not get if this is like scooby doo as this is an escape room hollywood hanna barbera right totally flintstone it's all fucking fetish gifts scuba buddy surrender books i'm like torture chamber where they see a guy get the green slugs and easier and they're turning men into monsters the johnson yes joan slaves and he sends kodo and poder did it go steal the keys kerry meanwhile walks off and like fine we haven't seen her outfit yet right reveal is after this oh yeah his black tool belt why is your cousin dressed like trill warrior sect never talk about that again what did they what does that mean they throw like little piles of goop it people like what is she hitting people with little knives when she's throwing them around like everybody's got kind of cool like chain weapon right so the ferrets fuck up their job and accidents release the monster which kills the guy that was turning them into a monster and then chases the carrots fair to get the ship and dale's rescue rangers segment here chase them kind of like i'm using so many cartoon references because this movie is live action cartoon like when bugs bunny is in a mad scientist laboratory right monster and sneakers big hairy guy like that and he'd like turns a corner like to big movements like the fucking road warriors wwl yeah yeah sorry he provides some lines that he thought might make it he's not mike he's he's got a ball gag in his mouth for all these guys do and like and and bee's master sends the ferrets down to do this because he's concerned that this guy will like but fuck him right i don't think dr is against that just want to lose time right i live time to get remained out one of these fucking sem green sluggy once i start i can't stop once like pringles once i pop i cannot stop i was a myth user where i'd lose days just at fuck parties described as an insatiable bottom so zad is fucked up he's blinded and like all like doesn't know what the fuck is going on may act shows with the which is any six a witch onto the bee's master and she'd like blinds him this is like this scene is where the movie when i'm watching it this sequence with the woman and beats masters when i was like.

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